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beliefnet astrology matthew currie april moon(More about what the heck a Void of Course Moon is, and what you can do with it, is HERE)

The Moon is “Void of Course” when it will not complete any major aspects to any other planet before it leaves its current Sign. This is generally considered to be a bad time to start or finish any new projects, make any new agreements, or really… just about anything.

I personally find this rule of thumb to be true more often than not, despite the fact that it can be a gigantic pain in the rear… especially on days when the Moon is Void of Course all day long, something actually needs to get done, or your boss continues to insist on that whole “productivity” thing you can’t quite wrap your head around.

Here is a handy list of things you can do while the Moon is Void that don’t require any great degree of precision, competence, or brilliant results:

  • Microwave a burrito, provided you actually aren’t all that hungry. Alternately, just leave it on the counter and hope that the residual warmth from the dishwasher will finish the job.
  • Brush your cat, so long as your cat is mellow and doesn’t try to claw you. Then teach the cat to brush you, which only seems fair.
  • Reorganize your pantry, but focus on the items you can never find, just in case you can’t find them again after reorganizing things. Put the things you use on a regular basis in random locations in the back and hope for the best next time you try to remember where you put them.
  • Argue politics or religion with someone on the Internet. Actually, this is safe to do at any time, because no one will ever change their mind about these things based on an Internet argument anyway. But go ahead, knock yourself out.
  • Visit someone with Alzheimer’s who won’t remember afterwards if you were there anyway. Take pictures and leave them behind as proof. Then leave pictures of you with other dementia patients as well, just to confuse things.
  • Get drunk, but remain in a seated position at all times so that you don’t have any accidents. In order to ensure your safety while drunk, load your rifle and sit with it on your lap.


  • Write a blog entry of dubious practical value in the always-popular “numbered list” format, save it for when you’ve got writer’s block and need to hit your quota for the month.

Now remember: these are only guidelines, not actual instructions. If you’re reading this while the Moon is Void of Course, it’s not like me giving you precise instructions (or you following them exactly) would be all that likely anyway.

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