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Even if you aren’t particularly interested in your own prospects for fame and fortune, this blog entry demonstrates in clear and spooky detail just how well astrology can work.  It’s instructive. Go with me on this, okay?


There is no one sure-fire way to spot if a person will become famous in their birth chart. Vedic astrology has a series of planetary combinations called rajyogas tend to show if a person will be famous or not, but there is a long list of them and the majority of charts will have at least one rajyoga in them, so one or even several of those doesn’t guarantee you’ll be a star.

Here’s an example of one rajyoga: if the ruler of your 9th house is in your 10th house, the ruler of your 10th House is in your 11th House, and the ruler of your 11th House is in your 9th house. Got that? By the way: if you like memorizing long lists of rules with means in a language you don’t speak, you’ll love Vedic astrology.

I’ve had a few clients where questions about fame and public recognition come up on a regular basis. These aren’t the usual questions that a five-year-old would ask (“am I going to be famous some day?”), but rather questions from people who are already public figures to one degree or another asking about how their upcoming appearance or project will work out. That’s the sort of thing that can be answered by transits to the birth chart, in much the same way that if someone who’s not a public figure asks how the quarterly report at work they will be delivering next week will be received.

Having said that: pretend for a moment that you are an astrologer and a well-known young singer, dancer, and actress — let’s call her Jane — approaches you about her potential for greater fame and public exposure. She’s already a talented performer, a pretty little thing with blonde hair and big blue eyes and a winning smile,  and she’s already well-known worldwide. Here is her birth chart and her current transits:

beliefnet astrology matthew currie fame

The first thing you notice is that the recent Solar Eclipse in Virgo was closely conjunct Jane’s Mercury, and Mercury is the ruler of her Ascendant. The Ascendant determines things like “how others perceive you,” which is an important element of “fame.” Eclipses bring unusual circumstances in association with other transits, and as you can see, transiting Jupiter is about to enter Libra and make the trine to her Ascendant… and all this while transiting Neptune (the natural ruler of “glamor” and “showbiz” and the like) is opposite Jane’s Ascendant ruler, Mercury. Clearly, something big is about to happen.

That transit in and of itself is an indicator that Jane may well soon be exposed to a high degree of public recognition. It would be premature to make a pronouncement based on that alone, but there are plenty of other transits happening that indicate fame and public exposure in the near future.

If you want to know how a person is going to make a mark in life, you look at their Midheaven. Jane’s Midheaven is at 11 degrees Aquarius, and transiting Pluto is conjunct the traditional ruler of Aquarius, Saturn — not to mention that transiting Pluto is also conjunct natal Neptune… again, “glamor.” Meanwhile, Saturn in Sagittarius is sextile the Midheaven and square the Ascendant ruler Mercury and trine the natal Sun in Leo.

So, as Jane’s astrologer, you’d be perfectly justified to look her in the eyes and say “wow, your public exposure looks like it’s about to go through the roof. Congratulations on the new television projects based around you! Can I have your autograph?”

Except of course, you aren’t Jane’s astrologer… and neither am I. No one is. Jane is dead.


“Jane” is JonBenet Ramsey, the singing, dancing, and gifted six year old who was strangled to death in her own home, late on December 25th (or early December 26th) 1996. Nearly twenty years later, she will again be in the spotlight, thanks to a three-part fictionalized documentary, “JonBenet: An American Murder Mystery” which debuts on September 12th, followed a week later by a six-hour unscripted miniseries about her murder (and the subsequent investigation) on another network.

Astrology: it works… even if you’re dead.

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