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beliefnet astrology matthew currie halle berryOne of the best things about being an astrologer is when doing a reading for a client results in a practical course of action that can make for real improvements in the client’s life. Understanding your birth chart, and the person it makes you, is incredibly useful. Understanding how current astrological forces are interacting with you is even more useful. Put the two together and you’ve got a powerful tool for making your life a better place. Allow me to demonstrate…


Dear Halle Berry:

Like many, I was saddened recently to hear of your impending divorce from Olivier Martinez after a two year marriage. As you will recall, this is not your first marriage. I know Halle, it just doesn’t seem right: why does someone as talented and successful and attractive and as well-loved in general as you are have such a hard time finding a successful long-term mate? The answer is, as is so often the case, in your birth chart.

Now don’t get me wrong Halle: there are lots of things about you that are fantastic, and it’s all there in your birth chart. The Midheaven shows your career and how you make a mark in public life… and holy cow is it ever strongly aspected! Your Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter Uranus, Neptune and Pluto ALL aspect it, so you were obviously meant to make a big mark in life somehow. As for your physical appearance? With Neptune (the planet of glamour) conjunct the South Node and closely opposite the Ascendant, one can make a case that it is in fact a major karmic gift you were born with in this lifetime to be attractive. Taurus Rising has a reputation for being attractive, and having your Venus closely conjunct your Moon in Leo just makes it more so.

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Please note the walking style and hip motion typical of a strongly-aspected Taurus Rising.


So with all this going for you, surely if anyone on Earth is going to have a happy and successful marriage it should be you, right? Unfortunately, the planets giveth and the planets taketh away, and the source of your marital problems is the same as the source of so many of your strengths: Neptune.

You see, your Neptune is right smack on your Descendant, which is the most important point in anyone’s birth chart when it comes to marriage and partnerships. Neptune can bring with it an incredible gift of spirituality and glamor and sense of wonderful mystery. It can also be the driving force behind a lunatic or a junkie. In your case, Halle? It seems to have thrown your compass off as to whom you partner with. For better or worse, Neptune is far from “realistic,” and it seems that the course of your love life has been one shattered illusion after another.

And oh dear Halle, what a mess it has been. There was the boyfriend who freely gave you money to help your career out but then tried to sue you to get it back (with interest) once you made it big. There is the as-yet-unnamed famous (but abusive) boyfriend who clubbed you in the ear, causing permanent hearing loss. There was the four year marriage to pro basketball player David Justice that left you so depressed you thought about killing yourself. You had a three year marriage to Eric Benet which produced a child, until his sex addiction ended it, followed by legal battles that lasted longer than the marriage itself. You married model Gabriel Aubry, which produced a daughter, lasted five years, and ended in violence. And now you are ending your marriage with Olivier Martinez after the birth of a son and two years of marriage.

Neptune: it giveth and it taketh away.

Halle, I would argue that none of this is really your fault. You idealize your partners (as Neptune on the Ascendant will), but idealizing your partner tends to overlook their inevitable human flaws. I suspect you’re a great partner because of this… but you can’t win at tennis by always playing against people who suck at it, if you know what I mean.


We can’t travel back in time and change your time of birth, Halle… nor should we. But you can certainly learn how to play the hand you’re dealt. Since you have Neptune on the Descendant, there’s a chance you’ll always be unrealistic about your choice of husband. Then again, it can also mean you are drawn to people with addiction issues. Or it could mean you are drawn to “creative types.” So rather than be lured in to another destructive relationship, you might want to deliberately seek out the positive aspects of a person with a Neptunian personality.

If you’re going to be “unrealistic” about your mates, why not aim for the right kind of “unrealistic”? I suspect maybe what you need is someone who is creative and/or compassionate, as Neptune often is… perhaps, say someone who is a writer and astrologer. You’ll always tend to be drawn to people with some kind of substance abuse issue, but you’ll be pleased to know I have recently stopped drinking (UPDATE: I just found half a bottle of vodka in the back of the fridge. Check in with me tomorrow).

I promise you I’m not violent or horrible and I’m really quite easy to get along with. I’ll never get jealous of your fame. I’ll never resent you for who you are. And if and when the break-up comes, I’ll only ask for ten percent of your net wealth. Fifteen, tops.

Call me, Halle!

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