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Last time I discussed career guidance astrology, I talked about the role of the Midheaven. It is probably the single most important point in your birth chart when it comes to determining what you should be doing for a living – or maybe more accurately it determines “what you should be when you grow up.” This time, I’d like to talk more about the role of what planet rules your Tenth House, and tells us more about the nature of your ideal career path.

Some of you who know astrology may be puzzled that I’m making a distinction between the Midheaven and the 10th house. If so, I’ll explain… and if not, skip the next paragraph.

There are different methods by which to divide your birth chart up into Houses. Most of the birth charts that you see online use the Placidus House System. Overall, it’s probably the most popular House System used in Western Astrology, and I think it has its uses. But over the years I’ve come around to using Whole Sign Houses, like most of the ancient astrologers appear to have used. I find it works better when it comes to describing actual observable details, as opposed to Placidus which I find is more psychological. Placidus uses the Midheaven as the beginning of the 10th house. Whole Sign uses the 10th sign from your Ascendant as the 10th house, and treats the Midheaven as a floating point. This means that your Midheaven can appear in your 9th, 10th, or 11th House. Confusing? Maybe at first. But give it a try. I find it works.

Figuring out where your Midheaven is takes a lot of calculations, but figuring out what Sign is your 10th house is relatively easy if you know what your Rising Sign is. Just take your Rising Sign and count back three Signs. In other words: if you’re Rising is Virgo, your 10th house is Gemini. If you have Aries rising, your 10th house Sign is Capricorn. If you’ve got Sagittarius rising, your 10th house is Virgo, and so on.

So: find the planet that rules your 10th House, find out what House of your birth chart that planet is in, and voila! Another piece of the career puzzle falls into place!


Ruler of the 10th in the 1st House means you tend to bring all of your personality to the job site with you. You probably get told “you should be in sales” or “you should be on TV” a lot and that sort of thing. You’d likely do well self-employed… or may find your personality gets in the way at a regular job.

Ruler of the 10th in the 2nd House: Sure, the main purpose of going to work is the paycheck. In your case, that is a particular motivator. You can put up with more workplace crap than the average person, provided there’s hazard pay involved.

Ruler of the 10th in the 3rd: One way or another, using your brain and/or communications will likely be a part of your work, or will be essential to your enjoyment of work. Traveling for a living might also have a particular appeal.

Ruler of the 10th in the 4th: Working out of the home (or in other people’s homes) would be a natural for you, as would dealing with natural resources or parenting/nurturing issues. You might also work in a family business, or do something your parents or grandparents did.

Ruler of the 10th in the 5th: You’ll function best in a work environment where creativity, flexibility, and self-determination are important elements. If you aren’t having fun at your work somehow, you’re likely to leave it soon… or get canned for having too much fun with it.

Ruler of the 10th in the 6th: You’re doing your best work if you feel you are of service, and that the world is somehow a better place for your labors. Your success may stand or fall based on your organizational skills and your ability to know where things are filed.

Ruler of the 10th in the 7th: You’ll thrive in a job where you are working with the public, one person at a time, or working with a close partner or two. You’ll also often benefit from being a member of a professional organization. Don’t be surprised if you meet your mate through work, or get involved in an office romance.

Ruler of the 10th in the 8th: One way or another, your best job fit is one where you dig deeply into things and make transformational changes, for yourself or others. You also have good investigational and research skills.

Ruler of the 10th in the 9th: Your “higher mind” or philosophical worldview is your key to career success, whether that’s as an “academic” or a teacher or doing something that suits your ideas about how the world should be. Your job should involve constant learning and expansion.

Ruler of the 10th in the 10th: Whatever you put your mind to doing, work-wise, you do it well. You’re good at the competitiveness that naturally arises in the workplace. You like to stand out, and likely do so without too much effort.

Ruler of the 10th in the 11th: You get your best results when you are a member of a professional organization, are a member of a team, or there is a social element to your work. You’re flexible and creative with your job, which can be good… or bad if the work is rigid and uncreative.

Ruler of the 10th in the 12th: Even if you are the star player at work, you probably aren’t front-and-center with what you do (or when it comes to demanding credit). Medicine/health care, investigating, and interfacing with large organizations and/or the government are favorable for you.


Next time I delve into the Astrology of Career, we’ll have a look at the easily-neglected Sixth House — work habits, where you file your stuff and leave your stapler, and what kind of a mess you like to leave your desk in.

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