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For an astrologer (or anyone else) career counseling used to be a much simpler thing. If your father was a peasant farmer, and so was his father, and so was his, then as far as career counseling goes all you could expect from astrologer was usually some variation on “let’s see how much you like being a peasant farmer/how good you’ll be at it.” Unless of course you were a woman, in which case the response would be more like “Career counseling? Here you are 20 years old already and not even close to being married yet. That’s your problem lady. Let’s find a nice peasant farmer for you!

Things have obviously changed a lot since then. We all have a larger range of options as to what we do for a living, but sometimes that’s much less help than you might think. Not only do we have more options than ever, there are probably a few out there for you that you haven’t even heard of yet. But just as human nature has remained largely the same despite changing circumstances, so has astrology, and astrology can be a lot of help with career planning.

Let me make this perfectly clear: we are not just talking about “getting a job.” Yes that’s a huge problem for many of us now, and yes astrology can help with that, but in this blog entry I’m talking specifically about your career. Or perhaps to be more accurate, I’m talking about “how you’ll make your mark in life,” which in most cases involve a career of some sort.

In astrology, the most important career indicator is the Midheaven. We often think of the 10th House as the part of the chart the rules your working life, and that’s generally true. However, as many of my regular readers may know by now, I am a big fan of Whole Sign Houses. Most of the charts that modern Western astrologers use start the 10th House at the Midheaven. I don’t. That can be a little baffling for some (“My Tenth House and my Midheaven are in two different Signs? What?”) but I find it incredibly useful.

Think of it this way: the Midheaven shows the general direction your career path should be going in, but the 10th House tends to show how and where the actual work is done to a greater extent. If you’ve ever had that experience of thinking “I hate my job, but I’m pretty good at it” then this principle doesn’t need much explaining. Furthermore, the condition of the ruler of your 6th House determines “work habits,” and the sort of things you’ll generally be good with or need help with when it comes to the daily details of how you do your job.

As for actually just “getting a job”? That’s the relatively easy part. There are plenty of jobs out there if you don’t mind lousy pay and terrible conditions and being treated like an assembly line robot and never having any sense of fulfillment.

Please rise for the anthem:

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How long can this go on…?

But — what if you’re looking for something more satisfying than that? That’s when we look at your Midheaven.

The nature of your Midheaven is dependent on what Sign it’s in, but it’s not that simple. After all, not everyone with a Gemini Midheaven should talk for a living, and not everyone with a Libra Midheaven should be a matchmaker or interior decorator. It is at least important to look at the Sign and House placement of the planet the rules the Midheaven. Find your Midheaven and the planet that rules it, then look at what House in your birth chart that ruling planet is in, then drop by next time and I’ll show you how it all works!

What? Don’t know where your Midheaven is, what its ruler is, and all of that? Better write an astrologer with your date, time and place of birth and ask. See below…

Part Two is HERE.

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