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beliefnet astrology matthew currie spirtualityAs with any other field of human endeavor, there are some good astrologers out there and a few bad ones. Although we all do basically the same job, there are a wide variety of techniques at our disposal, and a broad range of choices as to how we present ourselves and how we view our work.

Many astrologers take what could be called a highly “spiritual” approach. They spend a lot of time talking about karma and “the energies involved” and past lives and angels and spirit guides and totem animals and whatnot.

I generally don’t do that.

Personally, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with either approach. But as astrologers go, it seems that I take a more “nuts and bolts” approach to my job than many do. Sure, I believe in things like karma and stuff, but I don’t spend a lot of time talking about those things. If I wanted to deal in such matters more, I would’ve become a shaman or a priest a rabbi or something.

It just seems to me that no matter how many past lives or guardian angels or spirit guides or totem animals you do have, there is still a certain amount of work that you and I as human beings need to do in order to get through life. Nothing against spirituality, but that’s how I see it.

Mostly, I’m just here to help you make more and better sense of your life, and astrology can do a brilliant job of that without dressing it up in imponderable spiritual matters.

Suppose for a moment that instead of wanting to consult an astrologer because of concerns over your love life or finances or personal relations or direction in life or whatever, you want to hire a plumber because your toilet is clogged.

So: you contact a plumber you found on the Internet, or one that you heard from a friend does good work, or one whose blog you’ve read. The plumber shows up and does his/her job, and an hour later your toilet is working like new. Everyone’s happy.

Furthermore, at the end of that hour the plumber tells you “the reason your toilet is plugged is because you keep flushing disposable diapers and used baby wipes down it. You shouldn’t do that: they clog the toilet.” Not only has your problem been fixed, but you’ve learned something that will help you prevent that problem in future.

Now imagine the same scenario, except at the end of your hour with that plumber, he/she tells you:

“You appear to have deep-seated issues about eliminatory functions. This appears to stem from a past life where you were a poor and unfortunate servant in a great and noble house, and it was your duty to clean the chamber pots. Your hostility towards your station in life in that lifetime was so great that you eventually murdered the Lord of your castle, and you carry that karma to this day. You’re now suffering the karmic consequences of your actions. And now that you have a baby, you are at risk of passing that karma down to another generation. In fact, that baby may very well have been the Lord that you killed in a fit of proletarian rage! This could well be your Soul Purpose this incarnation.  I recommend you do this chant and fast during daylight hours for 30 days, while burning this incense (which I can sell to you at a discount). In the meanwhile, take the time to meditate upon the question of why you feel the need to dispose of used diapers and baby wipes in the quickest manner possible… you shouldn’t do that: they clog the toilet.”

Which one of those two plumbers was more useful to you?

Don’t get me wrong: I believe that spirituality is a very real and important thing. I also believe that physics is a very real important thing. But… if you come to me because you’ve just burned your hand on the stove? It’s not my job (as I see it) to lecture you about thermodynamics. We can discuss that later if you’d like, after you’ve run some cold water over that burn and watched to see how bad the blisters are that form, in case the burn needs further treatment. From my perspective, that’s just First Aid 101.

Now, let’s figure out whats clogging your toilet… or rather, your love life, your finances, your career, your family life, your sense of purpose, or whatever… and do something about it, shall we?

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