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It’s Sagittarius Season!

Okay, I admit it: things have seemed a little bleak lately.

Things haven’t exactly turned out the way I had hoped they would with some rather important events, and maybe not in your life either. And here we are, barely into December and we still have Saturn entering Sagittarius and another exact peak of The Uranus Pluto square to contend with.


Well, never mind that: in the next month I am going to fill these pages with as much fun and light as I can possibly squeeze in. That’s what the Winter Solstice is all about you know: struggling through to the half way point of the darkness so we can pass through the other side alive and unharmed.

Let’s start it off with an educational film about What An Astrologer Can Do For You, shall we…?

 YouTube Preview Image

Keep coming back for more all this month. Ho ho ho.

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