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Today: not one, but two stories involving wedding charts (the “birth chart” of a marriage) and celebrity relationships hitting troubled times: Sherri Shepherd of “The View” gets divorced among allegations of fraud, and Jay-Z gets beat up by his sister in law.



Normally, in order to write a blog entry about the astrology of the celebrity scandal du jour, I would need to have at least an accurate time and place of birth to work with. However, in the case of the startling divorce between “The View” co-host Sherri Shepherd and her husband Lamar Sally, we don’t need the birth charts to see where the problem is. The birth chart of the marriage itself gives us plenty to work with.

As I showed before in the “birth chart” for Bitcoin and the premiere dates of both The Room and Godzilla, one can tell a great deal about the success or failure of any given venture simply by looking at when it was “born.” There is a fine art to picking a successful wedding date and time. Just as no people, and thus no relationship, are truly “perfect,” it’s pretty tough to pick a “perfect” wedding date. However, Sherri Shepherd and Lamar Shelly picked a fairly challenging day… August 13th, 2011.

The Full Moon is always a suspect time to be getting married. In a sense, the emotional tensions that we all associate with a Full Moon would carry on throughout the entire marriage. Furthermore, the couple was married under a Mars Uranus Pluto T-square, with Saturn almost within range to make it a Grand Cross. Ideally in a wedding chart you’d want all the planets to have nice soft aspects, but Mars, Uranus, and Pluto are all especially deserving of some gentle treatment. Any one of those planets can cause an explosion, but when all three of them are bumping heads like that, it’s especially tricky.

Lamar has filed divorce papers giving the separation date as April 16 of this year. On that day, Mars was conjunct the wedding day’s Saturn, and the transiting Moon in Scorpio was square both the Sun and Moon of the wedding chart.

And here’s where things get really juicy: rather than simply filing for divorce because they are incompatible (which is relatively easily done in the state of California) Lamar is filing on the grounds of “fraud.” It’s a pretty startling allegation, even though we don’t know the details yet. What’s even more interesting is that the chart for the wedding date already indicates an element of deception.

Although I don’t know the time of the ceremony, we do know that it was the day of the Full Moon in Aquarius. The last two aspects the Moon would have made before leaving Aquarius were an opposition to Mercury and then a conjunction to Neptune. So if in fact there was an element of fraud or deception to this whole marriage in the first place, the wedding chart indicates that.


If Sherri Shepherd was lying to Lamar about something fundamental to the marriage, she should have at least found an astrologer to pick a more stable wedding date for her.

(By the way, if you’re interested in learning more about wedding charts, I recommend “Star Guide To Weddings: Your Horoscope For Living Happily Ever After” by April Elliot Kent.)

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Second, we have the strange case of Solange Knowles, little sister to Beyoncé, and her violent attack on Beyoncé’s husband Jay-Z after the New York Met Gala last week, captured on an elevator security camera.

Unless I’m missing something obvious about the house placements (which we don’t know because we don’t have her time of birth) Solange (born June 24, 1986, Houston Texas) does not appear to be a particularly violent person. If you want to see a person’s capacity for physical violence, you look to their Mars. She has Mars in Capricorn, which usually has a reputation for knowing when to throw its weight around and when not to. That Mars is weakly opposed by her Mercury but closely sextile to her Jupiter, so overall this would indicate a person who is excitable under the right circumstances, but again… not a maniac.

We may not know yet (or ever) what it was that led to this outburst. It’s interesting to note however that there were no transiting planets particularly aspecting her Mars. The most interesting thing going on with Solange’s transits at the time was her inverse Node Return. In other words, the transiting South Node of the Moon was passing over her natal North Node, and the transiting North Node was passing over her natal South Node. This can be a time when the karmic connections you have with others can be challenged. Like maybe, a connection with your sister. Or her husband, especially when that husband has been has recently been subjected to rumors of cheating.

Of course, celebrities get accused that sort of thing all the time, and there’s absolutely no reason to suspect that Jay-Z (born December 4, 1969, 12:30 AM, New York NY) has been a bad boy. Just because Saturn came within conjunction range of his Seventh House ruler Neptune recently is no reason to go and expect that he went astray. I’m sure that all the affair rumors that popped up around that time are probably just coincidence. I’m sure that all the marital trouble that will be hitting again towards the end of this year when Saturn passes over his seventh house ruler… and his Venus will get trampled by Saturn too.

See? There’s no reason to expect the worst from someone, whether they are a celebrity or not. Just because you got attacked by a potentially angry sister-in-law on an evening when the transiting moon was Square your Saturn, the ruler of your Fifth House (romance in general) doesn’t mean that she is caught you up to no good.

Oh, wait… Beyoncé and Jay-Z were married on April 4, 2008. When Jay-z is having all those difficult marriage transits at the end of this year, Uranus will be conjunct the marriage chart’s Sun, and Pluto will be square it… and the chart will also be having its Saturn Square.


Jay-Z: I’ve always liked you. If you need a place to hide for a while in December, give me a call.

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