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Your May Full Moon Astrology Forecast: Peril And Promise

Despite the fact that a Full Moon has an reputation that goes far beyond that of the astrological crowd, I tend to not write a lot of Full Moon forecasts. Sure, the New Moon is excellent for setting goals and intentions for the month to come. But the Full Moon usually adds up to about a days worth of agitation and, in all honesty, little else.

This month, though? This months Full Moon in Scorpio is a little different.

By now, you’re probably all familiar with the craziness that the Cardinal Grand Cross has injected into so many people’s lives. That’s still an ongoing issue, of course. But something as big and slow and powerful as the Uranus–Pluto square can be, paradoxically, hard to wrap your head around in practical terms. It’s like when you’re in high school and the question on the exam said “When did World War II start?” There is a “correct” answer, but something as complex as “World War II” started long before the first shot was fired and carried on long after the last cease-fire. Just because the Cardinal Grand Cross is a drag doesn’t mean every minute of every day under its influence is going to stink.


If what you need most in your life recently is to get a grip on the things that are out of control… if you’re looking for that trail of bread crumbs leading out of this dark forest… pay close attention to this week’s Full Moon. It will point the way.

For much of the last eight or nine months, Jupiter in Cancer has been trine Saturn in Scorpio. The Jupiter-Saturn trine is something that only comes around every few years, and this particular trine has lasted longer than average. It gives you a rare and remarkable opportunity to build structures of lasting significance in your life, but it never shouts its presence. Shouting is for the squares and oppositions. Trines are helpful and constructive… but it’s all too easy to ignore the potentially good things in life when the roof is falling in.


This week’s Full Moon happens at almost 24° Taurus and Scorpio, and it is closely aspected by Jupiter and Saturn. This Full Moon will, for the stretch of a few hours in particular, shine a light on where you should be looking for The High Ground while other things in your life are being washed away.

So: for all the agitation you’ve been experiencing in the last few months, Wednesday will provide you with an opportunity to see where the sanity can be found. The Full Moon is exact at 3:16 PM Eastern, 12:16 PM Pacific. Pay attention to what’s going on in your head and your heart and your life for a few hours on either side of that time. The edgy emotional energies it come with a Full Moon will actually provide a clue as to where you can find some stability.


Although this generally applies to everyone, there will be certain age groups who will feel the effects more specifically.

Have a look through these dates and see which if any apply to you. Remember: you may fall into more than one of these groups.

If you were born:

July 1945-June 1946, October 1949-September 1950, December 1954-June 1955, September 1955-November 1955, February 1960-July 1960, December 1960-February 1961, May 1965-August 1965, February 1968-April 1966, June 1970-May 1971, August 1974-January 1975, May 1975-August 1975, August 1979-November 1979, October 1984-January 1985, May 1985-September 1985, January 1990-March 1990, June 1990-December 1990, March 1995-February 1996 or July 1999-September 1999 or March 2000-June 2000your Saturn is getting a helping hand.


Sometimes getting out of a mess involves taking stock, carefully weighing and measuring the risks and the potentials, and making a few rational (if potentially painful) changes. What you need now is clarity and courage.


July 1952-February 1953, May 1953-August 1954, January 1955-May 1955, September 1965-September 1967, January 1978-April 1978, October 1978-January 1979, April 1980-November 1980, or February 1992-February 1994your Uranus is getting a Divine boost.

Are you getting what you want out of life, or are you just making bad decisions because you’re afraid of the consequences of actually reaching for the brass ring? Boldness and new thinking may be what’s needed here.



November 1963-June 1964, August 1964-December 1967, July 1968-January 1980, May 1980-July 1980, January 1991-July 1991, October 1991-January 1996your Neptune is the key to the solution.

You may not really be able to create your own reality, but all solutions begin in the imagination somehow. Think outside of the box. Better yet… feel outside of the box. Hey, maybe the box itself is something you’re imagining.


August 1965-October 1968, November 1989-November 1993your Pluto is being challenged to make itself heard.
“I must not fear. Fear is the mind-killer. Fear is the little-death that brings total obliteration. I will face my fear. I will permit it to pass over me and through me. And when it has gone past I will turn the inner eye to see its path. Where the fear has gone there will be nothing. Only I will remain.”
-Frank Herbert, Dune


Of course, regardless of what astrological era you were born in, the individual details of your birth chart may provide further assistance. If you have important placements between 16-24 degrees of the Earth or Water Signs, pay attention: the Universe may be answering your distress signal.

And if none of this helped you any… here’s a cat in a shark costume riding a Roomba, chasing a ducking. Because, hey, why not?

 YouTube Preview Image


Questions about your birth chart, or astrology in general? Want to know more about my big discount on readings for new clients? Write me!

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  • Steve Rock

    That’s where my NN is…am I screwed?

  • Angela

    Uhmmm.. I was born March 14, 1993. Any information for me? I’m new to this.

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  • Katie

    Debra, I stumbled across your reply and felt like I wanted to contribute my own two cents. First off, I am sorry about your loss. I too have been closely following astrology for the past year, hoping that it might guide me in a direction of healing from a particularly traumatic heartbreak. In my experience, while astrology can certainly provide clues, so to speak, in terms of what you might want to look out for—it is by no means a map to our own individual experience. I’ve found it best to take advantage of astrological happenings by honing in on your own specific questions during those times (ie. full moon, retrograde) and in silent prayer or meditation, asking for some clarity. From what you’ve already outlined, I think that the intensity of a full moon, your sign notwithstanding, might give you the necessary tug into the realm you’re hoping to access for forgiveness and gratitude. Stand outside at the hour of the full moon; listen widely. The people who have caused us the most pain have often allowed us to grow in unprecedented, albeit often hidden ways. Good luck to you. May you find peace.

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  • Debra

    Matthew, I stumbled upon your blog./astrological contribution today and enjoyed your both your precise and grounded approach. On reading through, I wondered if the following circumstances might conspire for a reading. My father is close to death bn 3 August 1939, at this time. It’s been a very intense time, And in my attempt to remain open hearted and present, to the many dynamics I experience and witness revealing themselves in the family, not always easy to remain autonomous. It’s the death of a wounded Patriach in many ways. My personal desire is, and has been, to try to release any remanding negative patterns, held as a consequence, of his behaviour, with the understanding that whether he is conscious, or not, he is a victim of his own circumstance, so that when his death comes, I am in a place of relative forgiveness, gratitude and peace. As you rightly say, in relation to your blog about the Cardinal Grand Cross…where do things start? In my experience, from way bigger constellations, that any of us fully have the capacity to see. We can all be naive and inflated about the independent and individual choices truly in our power. And in families, of course, ancestral patterns play out. I have written far more than intended, but my questions is that I wondered if astrology might be of support. I am probably looking at a window of anything from 2 weeks to 2 months.

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  • Moira

    I can’t think of a single person who won’t benefit from this reading. Excellent, Matt!

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