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“Everything happens for a reason.”
-That clerk from the New Age bookstore
“Shut up and give me a refund on this crystal ball. My future stinks!”

After a lengthy retrograde period, Mars is finally turning direct and moving forward through Libra again. Mars in Libra already has a reputation for not being the most comfortable of placements, and having been retrograde for a while hasn’t really helped that much. During the last six months you’ve probably felt some sort of call to action in some department of your life or another, and (at times) have quite possibly felt like there wasn’t enough gas in the tank. Or perhaps at times you felt a good old-fashioned urge to throttle someone or something in your life.

Over the course of the next two and a half months, get ready for that feeling to come back again.

In many ways and for many people, Mars going forward through Libra will be good news. Between now and the last week of July, it will sweep through the last two thirds of that Sign and will form nice, friendly, supportive sextiles and trines to any of your placements in the last two thirds of the Fire and Air signs…. with the added jolt of an opposition to anything you have in Aries. But, hey: good news is no news, am I right? Or, put in ways that Mars understands all too well… “If it bleeds, it leads.”

The last time Mars passed through the degrees of Libra it’s in now was back in December. Was there anything in your life back then that was either particularly aggravated, or perhaps was starting to come together nicely for you? Both Mars and Saturn are affecting the same degrees now that they were late last year. Get ready for a rerun of those conditions in one way or another.

Last December and January, Mars was aspecting Jupiter, Uranus, and Pluto… The planets the Cardinal Grand Cross. Whatever annoyances you were facing because of the Cardinal Grand Cross at that time were temporarily magnified. Get ready for one more kick at that particular can in June, as Mars makes the final pass to opposing Uranus and squaring Pluto.

Although everyone will be feeling Mars in one form or another, some age groups will be getting it more distinctly. In my last blog entry, I had particularly heartening news for those of you born from 1962 to 1970 or 1991-1996. It was all about the potential sweetness and light to be had while Jupiter and Saturn do marvelously creative things for your Neptune. Mars, though? That’s a different story. If you were born between mid-1946 to late 1956, Mars has passed over your Neptune somewhere in the last six months, causing at least some temporary annoyances when it comes to that better life you dream of for yourself. Between now and late July, Mars will do that again. Same thing if you were born between late 1987 to the start of 1998, except instead of the conjunction, you’re getting a square… which is even more annoying than the conjunction.

Of course, no transit — whether helpful or difficult — lasts forever. Mars leaves Libra the last week of July, when it will finally enter Scorpio.

And hey… what could go wrong with THAT?

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