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beliefnet astrology matthew currie moon housesWhen I first started writing this blog, one of my main intents was to show people how astrology could be a lot more useful than just a way to describe your personality — I wanted to show you how you could use it in a real, practical way to make your life a better place. Give me a few minutes of your time and I think I can do just that.


In preparation for an upcoming online course I’m teaching about predicting the future with astrology, I’ve been going over the effects of major planetary cycles: the Saturn Returns that challenge our foundations and the Uranus Squares that mark an identity crisis, and so on. But, just as it’s easy to not notice the little things that make life worth living as we worry about The Big Picture, I’m beginning to think we astrologers don’t pay enough attention to the quickest and most fleeting of all astrological events: The Lunar Transits.

The Moon spends about two and a half days in each Sign, and it affects your general mood and how you interact with each others. Every House of your birth chart affects a different area of your life, and whenever the Moon is in a given House, your moods will tend to reflect it. Learn where the Houses of your birth chart are, and know what House the Moon is currently in at any given time, and you’re halfway to getting a handle on the challenges of your day. The Moon may not be what causes the huge upsets and glorious victories in your life, but it certainly puts a spin on how you feel about things at any given time.

When the Moon is passing through your First House, you’re likely to feel sensitive to your own needs and to those of others. You’re more likely to express your needs and/or throw a fit, depending on how the rest of your day has been going. You’ll likely be fidgeting a lot.

When the Moon is passing through your Second House, you’re likely to be a little more hung up on security issues than usual, whether those are related to your finances or your physical well being. You’re more likely to invest your worries in a doughnut.

When the Moon is passing through your Third House, your life and/or mind are likely to be busier with things, flitting here and there from thought to thought or task to task. You could be more talkative, and that may be a way to work things out for you.

When the Moon is passing through your Fourth House, staying at home and/or in bed for the day might seem like a better-than-usual game plan. The people close to you, your roots, and your home life will all be on your mind more.

When the Moon is passing through your Fifth House, your mood is likely to lighten up somewhat. Getting out and having a good time seem like a better idea, even if there’s work to be done… and hey, maybe you need the break, right?

When the Moon is passing through your Sixth House, it’s time to get serious and get back to work. You’re also more likely to be focused on your health and diet. Try not to get bogged down in the daily details, and try to see The Big Picture rather than fret over things.

When the Moon is passing through your Seventh House, the emphasis is more on other people and your relationships to them. Your romantic relationship (or lack thereof) are likely to be of greater significance now, as are your connections with close friends and co-workers.

When the Moon is passing through your Eighth House, you’re likely to be feeling your needs and the things you’re lacking more, whether it’s better finances or better sex. There’s a general emotional intensity to this time, and you might want to consider lightening up a little.

When the Moon is passing through your Ninth House, you’ll be feeling like you want to transcend your limitations… whether it’s planning a trip or simply escaping into your Higher Mind. It’s a good time to re-evaluate what you’re doing with your life, and what makes you happy.

When the Moon is passing through your Tenth House, you’re likely to be more focused on “what you’re doing with your life,” whether it’s workplace ambitions or merely how you run things with your personal life. You’ll probably feel like the spotlight is on you more than usual at work.

When the Moon is passing through your Eleventh House, there’s more of a need to socialize and to understand your connection to the larger world of people out there. You may be feeling a little more eccentric, you may feel more isolated, or you may find yourself standing out from the crowd more than usual.

When the Moon is passing through your Twelfth House, you may be a little more withdrawn or find yourself questioning the meaning of Life and your place in it all. You could be feeling more insecure than usual, but you’ll be able to find comfort in a peaceful and more tranquil setting.

Get to know the Houses of your Birth Chart, and watch how the Moon passing through them affects your daily moods …and of course, try to avoid starting or finishing any important projects during a Void of Course Moon. More importantly: you’ll have started using Astrology to make your life a better place!


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