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And so the big story–the headline–is that a 40-year-old homeschool mom unexpectedly lost her young and fit husband when he died of a massive heart attack next to her in bed. Even now–23 days later–I’m still not believing that story. […]

It’s 7:30 a.m., I have a major sinus headache, and yet I jolt with the sudden urge to climb up on a child’s loft bed and hammer itty bitty nails in the exact right spots so that the 8X10 photographs […]

My natural inclination is to plan. I like to decide what is next, next and next. Many times this comes in handy. For instance, this summer when my family accompanied me to my performance locations, before we left I would […]

I am about to do something wild and crazy: something I haven’t done in years! Today I babysit. My friend’s childcare provider isn’t available today so she sent me a desperate email asking if I could watch five-year-old Karsen. Surprisingly, […]

I remember when my oldest child was a baby/toddler I would make grand announcements to my friends–“He is sleeping through the night!” “He is potty trained!” “He is a brat!”—only to find out the next day that I was…uh…wrong. Simply […]