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The Serving Son of Man In my last post in this series, I examined a passage from Mark 10 where James and John ask to be given places of honor and power in the kingdom of God. Jesus responds by […]

Drinking the Cup In Mark 10 Jesus not only speaks of his pending death, but also suggests reasons for this death. In verse 33 he says to his disciples, “See, we are going up to Jerusalem, and the Son of […]

No, this is not some strange March Madness basketball score, though I must say I wouldn’t put anything past this year’s NCAA men’s tournament. It has to be the strangest year on record. In fact, I’m referencing the fact that […]

Setting Up the Problem According to the New Testament Gospels, Jesus fully expected that he would be tortured and killed. Yet he spoke of his death, not merely as something that would happen, but as something that must happen. So, […]

Face Down in the Dust Psalm 44:1-26 We collapse in the dust, lying face down in the dirt. Rise up! Help us! Ransom us because of your unfailing love. Psalm 44:25-26 Has your life ever been so difficult that you […]

Spring Cleaning – Gadgets You Can Get Rid Of – An article in the Times recommends gadgets you can get rid of. Hey, I don’t even have an alarm clock!

Summing Up One Jewish Perspective In the last five posts I’ve been examining “one” Jewish perspective on the necessity of Jesus’ death. Let me briefly summarize my findings, adding some observations along the way. 1. It’s more accurate to speak […]

Jewish Leaders Respond to Offenses Against the Temple In my last post, I suggested that one of the major causes of Jesus’ death was his “cleansing” of the temple. By interrupting the sacrificial system and by quoting Jeremiah’s own condemnation […]

Check out this delightful and insightful column by one of my favorite writers, David Brooks.

The “Crime” of Jesus My last post in this series focused on the reasons why some Jewish leaders in Jerusalem believed that it was necessary for Jesus to die. The bottom line? He was a threat to their conception of […]