Mark D. Roberts

Patheos LogoCheck out this impressive collection of opinions related to the future of evangelicalism. The focus of this particular conversation is “Transforming Culture.”  Participants include:

William Lane Craig and Paul Copan: “Trajectories in Philosophy and Apologetics”
Andy Crouch: “To Let Christ Live in Us”
Craig Detweiler: “Tangible Faith in an Age of Distraction:
Karl Giberson: “Storm Clouds on the Horizon: The Future of Science and Religion”
Michael Lindsay: “New Ways of Shaping Society”
Mark Noll: “The Future of Evangelicals in Academia”
Marvin Olasky: “Dissenters from the Established Church”
Robert Velarde: “Film is the New Literature”

Once again, Patheos has brought some of the leading thinkers in evangelicalism. I know of no other forum that facilitates this kind of conversation. By the way, we had Michael Lindsay and Andy Crouch at Laity Lodge this summer. They offered stimulating presentations on the relationship of Faith, Power, and Privilege.

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