One of the distinctive features of my blog is the collection of past blog series that I create and make available to readers. As you know, most blog posts on most blogs are stand alone entries. But I tend to write blog series with several posts. In the usual blog, these could be accessed by category or dated archive, but what you’d get would be a chronologically and logically upside down collection of links . . . not easy to read or use for other purposes.

blog-series-4.jpgEven since I began my blog at six years ago, I have been swimming against the blog tide, both by writing longer blog series, and by collecting these in a way that makes them accessible to readers. A blog series puts all the posts in logical order in one document so they can be read or used in other contexts. If you would like to use one of my blog series in the context of a Christian ministry or other non-profit activity, you are free to copy it and use it without charge. All I ask is that you include information about the source of the series.

Here’s how you find my blog series. Look in the right column, part way down this page. You’ll see a box labeled “Blog Series.” That contains the series that are available on this Beliefnet website.

The series are divided into “Recent Series” and “Popular Series.” The popular series are ones I wrote for and have transferred to Beliefnet. I hope to rewrite some of these series in time. But, for now, you can read them with just a click.

The most recent addition to the collection of Recent Series is the one I have just concluded on Seeking the Peace of Christ: Christianity and Peacemaking.

Other series include:


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