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Being silly, laughing, giggling, playing – sometimes as parents we forget to have fun. We get so serious and so wrapped up in the need to, have to, ought to and should dynamics that all the life goes out of life.

Having kids can be a great way to stay in touch with your inner child, because our kids are 100% kid energy after all.

Some parents feel it’s wrong to show a lighter side, like that will break the illusion of being ‘the parent’ but I would disagree. I think children who see their parents have fun and then return to their work, their chores or whatever it might be, demonstrate the importance of having balance in life.

Here are ten ways to be a kid with your kid!

Eat Cookie Dough – Who doesn’t love cookie dough? There is something ‘naughty’ about eating the dough rather than waiting for the cookies. Join your kid the next time she sneaks a wad of dough!

Play a Game – Play any kind of game; a video game or a board game or make up a game.

Play Telephone – If you have enough people to play with, start a game of telephone – it is sure to create lots of giggles. Doing Mad Libs can be a good substitute if it’s just you and your child (don’t know what MadLibs are – I included a link so you can check them out.)

Blow Bubbles– I love blowing bubbles and the fun that ensues when you try to catch them and pop them. I especially like to catch them on the bubble wand and blow a second bubble in the first – Caidin thinks this is so cool!

Play Tag – When was the last time you played tag. Next time your outside with your kid, tap him and yell ‘Tag! Your it!’ and run away. It’s even more fun it you can get the whole family involved.

Make Funny Faces – We have ‘funny face’ making competitions and usually end up laughing so hard that it hurts our stomachs.

Play in the Mud – Paint on the driveway, throw it, smear it, let it ‘goosh’ through your fingers. (I’d advise a pre-planning parental moment of having water to wash off on hand – I’m not that adventurous!)

Jump in Puddles – I have no idea why jumping in puddles is so much fun, but it really it is!

Make-up Super Hero Names – This is one of my favorite things to do with Caidin is make up Super Hero names and their corresponding super hero powers. Make them up for yourself, your child and the rest of your family including your pets.

Get into a Water Fight (outside if you don’t want to clean-up) – Turn the hose on your child while washing the car or watering the plants. Let her get a turn at squirting you too!

What other ways can you share? Leave a comment and let me know. I’d love to add to my own list!

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