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People give me a weird look when my son falls and bumps any part of his body and my reaction is to grab a white potato and slice off a piece to put on the bumped area. But the potato is an amazing healer.

I’ve had numerous occasions when friends, relatives and Caidin bump themselves and a bruise is imminent if not already visible, that is, until they agree to put a potato on it.

My sister-in-law fell down the stairs when I was vising and banged her shin, within in minutes a deep dark purple bruise was developing. I grabbed a potato, sliced it and made her put a slice on the area. We replaced it as the used slice got warm. After 10 or 15 minutes, the bruise was minimal and the area only got better looking at the days went on.

When Caidin was three he ran head on into the space between the door jam and door. Almost immediately he had an egg shaped knot growing that was that deep purple, blue and black. After I showed it to him (kids can create a worse mental picture of what happened, than what actually did happen – so showing them the wound – if it isn’t that bad, can really help calm them down) I sliced a potato and we sat and watched his favorite movie while I held the potato on his head. The pain went away, Caidin calmed down and by the end of the evening both the knot and the bruise was barely noticeable.

We continue to use the potato today. Caidin got a nasty bruise at camp while slipping on the the ‘slip-n-slide’. Apparently there was a rock under the mat and he kept hitting it. By the time he came home the buise was already fully blossomed. I cut a slice of potato, and he held it on his leg. We replaced the slice at it got warm. Next day, the bruise was greatly diminished and by day two the bruise was all but gone.

Potato juice has been used externally to combat pain, inflammation, bruises, sprains and sunburn.

The steps:

Use a white potato

Cut off a slice

Put the potato slice on the area, flip the slice when it gets warm.

Once both sides are warm, get a new slice.

The longer you can leave the potato on the area, the better the healing.

Note – Potatoes contain solanine (mostly in the leaves, buds and stems, but also under the skin, particularly if has turned green.)  Solanine can be a toxic alkaloid. So don’t allow your child to eat raw potato and I would suggest staying away from potatoes that have turned green.

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