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Chicago’s Spring evokes hope! A friend of mine, Dana Del George, has a new book for children whose parents are divorced. Take a good look at it: The Queen of Fire and the King of Ice . A blog worth […]

Michael W. Smith song?  My favorite is Kentucky Rose.

James reveals an early, if not the earliest, early Christian (post Jesus) understanding of “new birth” and “spiritual formation.” Notice how James thinks the community is to be formed spiritually: “humbly accept the word planted in you, which can save […]

This week’s Friday is for Friends comes from Matt Edwards, at Believers Fellowship in Gig Harbor. I have a question regarding loyalty and the third way. One of the prominent attributes of YHWH in the Old Testament is His hesed, […]

“What the congregation needs is not a strategist to help them form another plan for achieving a desired image of life, but a poet who looks beneath even the desperation to recover the mystery of what it means to be […]

We are doing a series on NT commentaries, and I have to confess that I forgot about it … so here is the Gospel of Mark. Our goals is to provide for pastors and students and serious Bible students a […]

Who’s going to be voted off American Idol tonight? Who do you think will win?

This is the 3d post by Chris Folmsbee, a leader in youth ministry theology. It wasn’t until I was nearly half a dozen years into vocational youth ministry that I began to discover that I couldn’t will a sense of […]

 The first two heresies were about who Christ is/was. The next two are about how the divine and the human nature are related. The first concerns Nestorius and gave rise to the Councel of Ephesus at which council Mary was […]

What if you think you are going in the right direction but don’t like it or feel empty about it?