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For Ben, for his health, for his wife, and for peace. Lord, hear our prayer. For Michael Scolare, for another return to health — and for Kris and the kids and the church. Lord, hear our prayer. For Becky, for […]

Is that cookie really worth a 17-minute run? Associated Press Posted Friday, December 22, 2006

You may need a handkerchief to get through this one. Thanks Bob. Luke’s got a nice series on emerging going.

Friends, we might need to remind ourselves, talk about the inner life, and nothing is more “inner” than a wounded self — a person who has been damaged to the core by wrongdoing. Miroslav Volf’s The End of Memory (chp. […]

Marko has posted on The Real Mary with a very clever twist. The standard theory, which I espouse, is that Mary immediately realized that being pregnant before consummation with Joseph was a No-No that could jeopardize her life, her son’s […]

I love these words: “The earth is filled with your love, LORD; teach me your decrees” (119:64).

Chp 5 of Richard Dawkins, The God Delusion, contends that religion can be explained on the basis of natural selection. “What ultimately explains the lust for gods?” he asks (p. 169). Or, put in more Darwinian terms, “What is the […]

Last evening CNN treated us to a 2-hour program on the development of Christianity from the time of Jesus to the Nicene Council (323 AD). There is plenty to like and probably plenty to disagree with. My questions today are:

A theme verse for the Evangelical Covenant Church, the sponsor of North Park University and the seminary, is Psalm 119:63:

Kris and I are planning another trip to Italy early summer — land in Milan, then to Venice and then down to Florence. We want to spend the first day and night near Lago di Garda. Anyone have suggestions on […]