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I heard about this two years ago: America’s finest NT scholar, Dale Allison, was packing up his books for a little while to write a book on none other than George Harrison. It’s out! The Love There That’s Sleeping: The […]

The psalmist prays for “good moral taste/judgment” (Hebrew taam) in 119:66 — along with good knowledge. We might ponder what we have a good taste for:

And what does it mean to be “credible”? And how does one determine if it is “credible”? These questions have been asked time and again by good thinkers, but surely one of the most interesting is Hans Urs von Balthasar, […]

We’ve been saying for a long, long time that “emerging” is more than philosophy and theology and progressive thinking. In fact, it is about “how to do church.” Our local paper, The Daily Herald, has a front-page story about homes […]

The psalmist acknowledges that the Lord has “done good” or “treated him well” — though I think the psalmist is much less interested in “how” (well) God has treated him and more with “what” (good) God has done to him. […]

The Birth of Jesus (Click here for a reading.) 1In those days Caesar Augustus issued a decree that a census should be taken of the entire Roman world. 2(This was the first census that took place while Quirinius was governor […]

Ever ponder much what happened to old Scrooge in A Christmas Carol? Here’s the opening description of Scrooge:

CHRISTMAS EVE On the eve of our Christmas celebration, Jesus’ birthday, we light all of the candles of the Advent wreath. First we light the candle for HOPE because Jesus is our hope.

Fourth Sunday of Advent Today we relight the first three candles of the Advent Wreath — the candles of HOPE, PEACE and JOY. Now we light the fourth candle of Advent. This is the candle of LOVE.

Every year at Christmastime Laura invites Kris and me to her 1st grade classroom for her international holiday luncheon with her students and parents. Since Laura’s class has 15 ethnic groups represented, each is asked to bring a dish representing […]