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I heard about this two years ago: America’s finest NT scholar, Dale Allison, was packing up his books for a little while to write a book on none other than George Harrison. It’s out! The Love There That’s Sleeping: The Art and Spirituality of George Harrison. I hope you can find a way to buy it and read it.
Questions: What were you doing (in life) when you first heard George Harrison? What do you think of his part in the Beatles and his ongoing individual development as a musician?
I’m a fan — not only of Dale’s many NT works, but also of the Beatles. What scholars and experts have said about George Harrison is beyond me, but I can say this: I doubt anyone has subjected him to such an analysis as has been given by Dale Allison. He sketches the following themes in his music and life: theology, human nature, established religions, our predicament, death and reincarnation, human folly, and salvation.

Allison's book
Here is a pic of George looking over my shoulder when I was (faking) saying my morning prayers in my office at North Park. I inherited the poster from Lukas. Kris wanted to have a shot of me and that big picture of the Beatles.My answer to the question: I was in 5th grade, I believe, when the Beatles came out. Yes, we watched the original Ed Sullivan show. And I walked home at times, with the Beatles’ words written out, and sang them with my two buddies — Dave Wine and Kent Banks.
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