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Yesterday we looked at 1 Peter’s readers: “aliens and strangers.” We laid out the two major options, and in this post I want to provide an argument for why I think these two terms describe the social location of Peter’s […]

Here’s a brisk and evocative claim: “Salvation is not a one-night stand. It cannot be isolated from the thick texture of history; it is all-encompassing, pulling everything that has happened and happens, and every person named and unnamed, into relationship […]

A former student called and asked me about humility. Which in itself surprised me because I don’t think he called me because he thought I was particularly humble. Its lack in my life, however, didn’t stop me from ruminating with […]

In this series of posts, I will focus on 1 Peter as reflective of a theology and a set of churches in an emerging situation. That is, I will examine 1 Peter from front to back as an attempt by […]

Allan Bevere and I continue today our series on Tom Wright’s new book, Paul in Fresh Perspective. Bevere’s Summary:

I’ve not read it put any better than this when it comes to how Jews respond to the cross and how Christians depict it: “There is a glaring contradiction between a theological tradition [of anti-Semitism] which sets the cross against […]

Matt Robinson writes: Good evening! Today is Sunday, Feb. 19. I’m sorry for the delay in updates. Linda just called and said Bob is progressing, only in very small steps. The trach is helping. Now they hope tomorrow to insert […]

Our son, Lukas, is 26 today. He’s on the road watching a pitcher at the University of Tennessee, and then on his way home. Here are some pics, one from Mexico’s New Year’s party and the other from Thanksgiving we […]

I will begin a series this week on 1 Peter and contend that 1 Peter is a good example of what theology looks like in an emerging environment.

This justified rant by TSK is exactly what a rant out to be. Top of the list for me. And, finally, a missionally-shaped, emerging-focused, technologically-alert, monastically-inspired, internationally-influenced Christian who will read academically-oriented bloggers.