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February 2006 Archives

2/28 update on Bob Robinson, and a call to prayer and fasting: Linda Robinson reports that the ICU nurses had Bob sitting up in a chair this morning!

I weighed in some time back when Wheaton fired a philosophy professor who converted to Roman Catholicism but who said, in spite of what the President of Wheaton thought, that he could sign the doctrinal statement in all good faith. …Read More

Peter’s readers are exhorted to put behind them their previous lifestyles — and the sins of that lifestyle are communal-distortions: malice, deceit, hypocrisy, envy, and slander. Getting rid of sins is not the whole story: growth in grace is both …Read More

Some folks, most of them with noble intentions, are vocal and vehement critics of Emergent. Their targets have especially been Brian McLaren, Doug Pagitt, and Tony Jones. What should the leaders of Emergent do about their critics?

As Peter invites his Asia Minor readers, who are resident aliens and temporary residents, to live the Christian life surrounded by non-believers, how does he define the gospel? One place to begin to answer that question is with 1:22-25. His …Read More

This is the second in a week-long series of observations about the Emergent event at the National Pastor’s Convention. I wish I could talk about the rest of the sessions, but other than speaking in my own sessions and participating …Read More

In chapter 5, “Rethinking God,” Wright works through the discussion of Paul’s monotheism. This is perhaps what H. Richard Niebuhr would have called radical monotheism, but no doubt with a much different twist. Summary by Allan Bevere

Rarely do I think about what I “should” wear, and I like it when local churches tell me that I don’t even need to wear a tie for the Sunday morning sermon. (My kind of place.) But, I did think …Read More

Duane Young sent me this from Brennan Manning. It touches upon an old set of posts I did on “grace grinding”: the use of grace to grind folks down rather than to heal them. Where do you place yourself: settler …Read More

Good story of the week: HT to Bob Smietana. New blog of the week I’ve found: Donn Johnson, formerly a Covenant pastor up in Minneapolis and now (feel sorry for him) in Santa Barbara, has a blog called “Jibstay.” Check …Read More