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After an 11pm flight on a full plane, a red-eye that arrived at O’Hare at 4:25am, and a short drive home, and not any where near being rested, I want to pause (before a nap) to record my last day […]

Both Heaven Hope and Holiness are misunderstood — for neither permits or encourages escape from this world. I’m willing to say that the emerging movement today is a holiness movement, and by saying that you might accuse me of nonsense. […]

How important is history, real stuff on earth by real people with God empowering such stuff with salvific power, for Christian spirituality? This is at the heart of this part of Eugene Peterson’s em>Christ Plays in Ten Thousand Places. To […]

John Burke, of No Perfect People Allowed, made the first presentation today and dealt with two issues facing postmodernists today: struggle with trust and a struggle with truth. He believes the way to deal with trust is to construct a […]

The Heaven Hope of Christians has been called into question by the emerging movement. Why? Two reasons, at least: first, because it sometimes leads to an other-wordliness on the part of Christians, which is little more than a form of […]

N.T. Wright’s Paul in Fresh Perspective is “fresh” because on top of the older “new” perspective is added a pervasive Pauline rhetoric against Rome. Wright paves his own path here, he charts a different casting of Paul’s theology and letters, […]

Some of you may be interested in the Critical Concerns Course that Zondervan sponsored for pastors who wanted to come a day early to learn about the emerging church movement. First off, I’m grateful to Zondervan, John Raymond, and to […]

I keep asking you to pray for Bob and Linda and the kids because they need our prayers; here’s an update from Matt Robinson last night. Hi, all. Today is Tuesday, Feb. 21. Thank you all for your love and […]

Peter is writing his letter to resident aliens and migrant workers in Asia Minor, and they want to know how to live in the Roman Empire. Why do they ask such a question? Because they are now living in the […]

An excellent brief on how postmodernity intersects with how we understand atonement can be found in Michael Alsford’s essay, “The Atonement and the Post-Modern Deconstruction of the Self,” in J. Goldingay, Atonement Today (pp. 203-221). Essentially, Alsford contends that postmodernity […]