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“Go confidently in the direction of your dreams! Live the life you’ve imagined.” Henry David Thoreau Whatever you were put on this earth to do, do it today. Don’t delay. Don’t look back. Run like crazy towards your passion and […]

You are savvy readers here at the Inspiration Report. So I know that in spite of all the hustle and bustle of the season, you haven’t forgotten the real reason why we celebrate Christmas. This year I am pondering it […]

No matter who and where you are as you read this blog, I know that you have a dream. There’s something inside of you that you are dying to unleash — a mission, a calling, a longstanding prayer. An adventure […]

Part of staying inspired and optimistic is remembering all the times when things worked out the way you wanted them to. In this world where things fall apart and so often the worst case scenario becomes reality, still, we get […]

Do you have a vision board? A place you can look at that shows images of things you would like to have or accomplish in your life? I’ve just been recently hipped to this whole notion, and I’m excited to […]

“If only for today, I am not afraid.” Berlin The last few blogs have been about following your dreams and doing big things with your life. We’ve talked about bucket lists and examined the life of adventurer John Goddard. So, […]

I was out Tuesday night and ran into a friend of mine who is on a quest worthy of blogging. He told me that his friends chide him, because he never watches the news. And why would he? He’s too […]

To Write Love on Her Arms is an amazing organization that seeks to help people dealing with anything from addictions to self-mutilation to thoughts of suicide; simply and yet profoundly, they offer hope to those in despair. Their latest campaign […]

The other day, I was watching some old TV shows on my laptop. I love stand-up comedy and found an archive of old Comedy Central specials. It was all my favorite comics in some of their early performances. I laughed […]