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You are savvy readers here at the Inspiration Report. So I know that in spite of all the hustle and bustle of the season, you haven’t forgotten the real reason why we celebrate Christmas. This year I am pondering it more than ever.

In December we set aside time to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. As the wise men gave gifts to the infant, so we give gifts to each other. It’s the beginning of the “Good News”. It’s a time when we wish each other joy and peace.

However, there’s more to the story.

See, the birth of Jesus was a big deal in and of itself, because people had been talking about it for generations. There were oral traditions passed down. Prophets were predicting that a virgin would have a child and that child would be God incarnate (Don’t believe me? Look up Isaiah 7:14 in the Bible). The buzz on Jesus was a thing of legend.

And on that first Christmas, it finally came true.

Now of course, it goes a deeper than that, but this tiny facet of the holiday season cannot be ignored. At its essence, Christmas whispers this truth: “Dreams come true”. What was hoped for eventually came to pass.

That’s why this season is so full of hope, and we take time to reflect on the goodness we’ve seen throughout the year. It’s all because Someone kept a promise.

This Christmas, I hope you remember that the presents under the tree are not the only gifts you will receive this year. Don’t give up on the longings of your heart, whatever they are. They may be wrapped curiously or in unexpected boxes. However, in due time they will arrive, and they just might be exactly what you wished for… maybe even more.

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