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Speidi, a Baldwin, and Kate: This Week’s Celebrity Christians on the D-List

spiedi.jpgTalk shows as well as the blogosphere were a flutter yesterday with several juicy D-list Christians on reality shows doing some pretty stupid stuff. I don’t relish in their individual shortcomings, as much as I am encouraged that maybe this is the teensiest beginning of the fall of reality TV as a genre.
Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt were out and about yesterday discussing the ephinanies they had while shooting “I am Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here,” which include Spencer being baptized by actor Stephen Baldwin. But almost everywhere the beautiful couple went they received a Spedi Smackdown including rebukes from Al Roker on “The Today Show” and Whoopi Goldberg on “The View.” During an interview, among other questions, Roker asked Montag if she was proud of her diva behavior on the reality show, to which she eventually responded “Yes.”


But better yet was Whoopi Goldberg going after the couple’s flippant attitude toward their contracts and pretty much everything else about the famous for nothing couple. And it was truly funny to watch Barbara Walters restrain Whoopi with her arm as Whoopi rolled her eyes in response to Heidi’s claims that she is a modern day Mother Theresa which is why she is posing in Playboy and why Spencer Pratt will be running for office with Sarah Palin in 2015, which, by the way, is not an election year.
But let’s get back to Stephen Baldwin. While he was converting bad boys out in the jungle, his house is being auctioned off because of foreclosure, much like what happened to another D-lister Christian Willie AamesOn the other hand, Aames doesn’t have three brothers with showbiz careers who just might buy that house at a deep discount for him. Aames also hasn’t appeared on two reality TV series this season, which one might think would have generated at least some income for Stephen Baldwin.
But the biggest backlash against a celebrity Christian has to be against Kate Gosselin of the TLC series “Jon & Kate Plus 8.” Not only are viewers showing their intelligence by staying away from the show, sending ratings way down since the season opener, but a video has surfaced that is worse than all of the videos of alleged mistresses or “bodyguards.” In the clip, Kate and her children are getting ready for an interview and she refuses to give one of her daughters some water, though does ask for some water for herself.
Again, it is not that I think I could handle having my life scrutinized in the way these people often do–which is exactly why I wisely do not throw myself out there for reality TV opportunities as these celebs do. But I believe that I am seeing the first signs that the general public is becoming seriously annoyed with the superficial, entitled behavior that is the antithesis of the Christianity these and other stars claim to endorse, to the point where ( gasp!) the public may start tuning these celebs out all together.
Heidi Montag at

  • Your Name

    I like movies and listening to music. I like Reading and writing in my journal. I have just started working again.I have many hobbies and interests. In my spare time I like to go to the GYM and the YWCA. I like to play sports. I go swimming and do arobices. I am fluent in French and Spanish.

  • Black Winged Angel

    As Christians we are called to righteousness as well as grace and mercy.
    Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt are very young. I am not excusing poor behavior, but I have repeatedly noticed, as age piles up on me, that youth brings with it predictable results some of which are pride, mistakenly thinking one knows it all and thus embarrassing moments ensue, egocentric thinking, speaking and behavior, regardless of a know it all attitude youth pretty much guarantees ignorance.
    Humility is eminent for everyone. Their humility will happen and it will be humbling for them as it has been for all of us.
    I caution any Christian to pass judgment on someone whose finances are not where they believe they should be. God works in each of us according to His will and plan for what is best for an individual. Unless that person is the personal accountant to whom they are judging then they cannot possibly truly know all the circumstances.
    As Christians, we are called to love others, especially other Christians. We can’t possibly know the personally circumstances of Stephen Baldwin’s finances or what is or is not available to him.
    My husband and I watched Jon and Kate plus eight when it first began and stopped watching it as soon as it was obvious that Kate wanted more children and Jon did not. She knew the route she would have to take in order to have another child would have a very high percentage of multiples. Jon made it clear to her that he was satisfied with the two children they already had and made it clear to her that he did not want more children and Kate pursued what she wanted, regardless. She emasculated her husband before she ever gave birth and the decision was made to make their life public.
    At that moment, my husband and I said that is not going to work. I don’t care how much of a Christian a couple may believe they are you cannot force something like that on somebody. Yes, children are a precious gift from the Lord. However, it will never work in any relationship when one couple manipulates or disregards their spouse’s “truth” in order to have their own way and then expect their spouse to do whatever it takes for them to do everything required to step up to something they never wanted.
    Obviously, that issue alone is loaded and provides enough material for a marriage book.
    Are we really surprised as Christians/general public that Jon and Kate are not doing well? A good parent is not selfishness. Kate’s desire for more children was selfish and we have seen evidence of her selfishness and the product of it.
    This is not to dismiss Jon’s selfish/childish behavior. We are called to righteousness regardless of the severity of the storm in which we may find ourselves. But, that’s part of the journey isn’t it? We each have to travel that road in which we internalize the Truth and demonstrate it in our thoughts, words and actions.

  • Hope

    First off, if all these people weren’t on T.V none of you would have anything to talk about. Second who puts any worth in the lives of these reality T.V. characters anyway? I say characters because that is what they are. We the public are looking for entertainment and that is what these people are here for. As for Kate, yes she did ask for water and didn’t give it to the child. She did however attempt to in the end of that clip but they were go on the air. In addition to this fact, she is a mother of 8 children. Anyone who has kids knows, if you give one something they all have to have it! Therefore maybe she was simply trying to avoid something from happening so close to camera time. Also I’m a mother of 3, those of you who have kids can attest to this I’m sure. When you give a child a drink of your drink you don’t always get only the drink back. Floaties, backwash, spit or whatever you want to call it. If a kids gets your drink chances are your getting it back w/a little extra seasoning that you didn’t pay for.

  • reader

    Seriously? The denial of water to Kate’s needy child was not more serious than the extramarital affairs that you flippantly dismissed. The child was obviously not going to die of thirst and could certainly wait a little while. I think it quite understandable considering the effort it takes to organize 8 young children to sit still for a shoot. Water would only serve as another point of distraction.
    Having said that, should the kids be on there in the first place? That’s another story entirely.

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