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Sharon Stone was caught by reporters on a Cannes red carpet and asked what she thought of the earthquake in China. (Funny, but do they ever ask George Bush or U.N. Secretary General Ban Ki-moon what they thought of “If […]

I don’t know how I, watcher for all-things Christian chastity culture-related, missed this big New York Times feature, “Dancing the Night Away, With a Higher Purpose,” by Neela Banerjee, from last week about the growing popularity of the Purity Ball. […]

I just wanted to make a few quick remarks about my wonderful, Indiana Jones movie adventure this weekend… First of all, finally(!): the return of the true, non-stop fun, adventure flick. Whatever happened to that old-fashioned, Indiana Jones-style action adventure, […]

John McCain may have sealed the Republican nomination, but apparently libertarian Ron Paul’s supporters are not only hanging on, they are approaching his continued campaign with all the fervor of religious zealots, according to a New York Times Sunday Styles […]

We all grieve for Steven Curtis Chapman’s loss of his daughter. Today, in memory of her and as a way for fans to grieve, an entry in Chapman’s video blog featuring him with his beautiful children in much happier times […]

There are a handful of movies that I can say have not only inspired me, but haunted me. A little-seen documentary from three years ago “Shakespeare Behind Bars’ has been one of those movies. The stories surrounding a group of […]

Since he released his third solo album, “Portable Sounds,” a year ago, Christian music veteran tobyMac has been, well, reborn. The hip-hop heavy collection entered the Billboard 200 at #10— tobyMac’s highest showing ever—and this year, with his Diverse City […]

In this funny clip from “Family Guy,” Lois become the church’s new organist and tells the family she wants them to start going to church more often.

With one of pop culture’s favorite heroes having just returned to the big screen in “Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull” after too many years away, many sites are posting their all-time favorite Indiana Jones moments. I […]

Having been a David Cook supporter all season, I was biting my nails a lot during last night’s two hour “American Idol” finale. There were some great moments (Brooke White dueting with Graham Nash, Jason Castro reprising his lovely performance […]