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slingsandarrowspicforic.jpgSummertime has become a time for me to catch up on TV series I haven’t had time to watch during the rest of the year, or, in some instances, foreign TV series that I have never even heard of, or those that I have forgotten about from years past. Instead of watching a movie on DVD, I like the idea of creating a ritual of watching an episode or two every week, just as if the series was actually being broadcast. In some cases, my friends and I make it a group ritual and make a date to watch episodes together.
So here’s what I have queued up for the summer. All of the choices are far better than watching yet another reality show where someone humiliates someone else to win something.
“Slings and Arrows” : My fellow theater geeks— I mean thespians— turned me on to this comedic Canadian series about the backstage lives of the members of a second-rate theater festival. The title references Shakespeare’s “Hamlet,” is written by Bob Martin who wrote the Broadway musical “The Drowsy Chaperone” and features former “Kids in the Hall” actor Mark Kinney. And if all of that means nothing to you, well, this series is not for you. On the other hand, I have noticed it is gaining a cult following on Netflix and it is a fun diversion for the rest of us who appreciate the nobility and insanity of “trodding the boards.”

“Mad About You”: Season three recently came out on DVD and shows Helen Hunt and Paul Reiser at their neurotic best. Even if their New York City is a sanitized version of the real deal, their take on the struggles of matrimony always make me smile.
“Bones”: This is definitely a case of giving into peer pressure. Though I don’t really care for procedural dramas, I know enough people who enjoy the chemistry between the two main characters to give this a shot and watch it from the beginning.
“Mad Men”: Yes, I watched every episode last summer, and thought it was one of the most fascinating social commentaries every put on TV. But I am having a hard time waiting for the new season’s episodes later this summer, so this will tide me over. And if you missed the drama last year, this is the one DVD series you really should check out
“The Wire”: I started watching this cop show in its first season, but didn’t keep up with it. With all of the accolades for this series, which went off the air this past year, I am committed to going back to watching it. I am hoping it is less like “The Shield” and more like “Homicide: Life on the Street.”
What are some TV series on DVD that you are looking forward to watching?

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