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Check out popular Christian rock band Hawk Nelson’s new music video “Friend Like That.” Their album “Hawk Nelson Is My Friend,” hits stores April 1. embedVideo(1459252150,1460867924);

I know Season 7 is still in high gear, but the last few weeks of the show have gotten me thinking about the best of the best. Here are my top ten “Idol” performances of all time. 10. Brooke White, […]

Here we are again all set to talk about the fourth week of the Oprah Winfrey/Eckhart Tolle “A New Earth” Worldwide Web Event. Monday night’s class, based on Chapter 4 ‘Role-playing: The Many Faces of the Ego,’ is now available […]

The brooding, spiritually-challenging “Battlestar Galactica” returns to airwaves on April 4, but those in the Sci-Fi know have been getting their fix of thought-provoking, other-worldly entertainment over at BBC America, thanks to “Torchwood.” Perhaps best known for its camp and […]

In the upcoming documentary “Expelled No Intelligence Allowed,” opening April 18th and starring Ben Stein (you may know him best as the monotone-voiced teacher from “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off” and “The Wonder Years” as well as his commercials for the […]

Those of you who loved 2005’s movie version of the revered book “The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe” will be happy to watch this making-of featurette about its sequel, “Prince Caspian.” The plot picks up 1,300 years later as […]

At the beginning of January, I contributed a piece to “Idol Chatter” positing that spinning Britney Spears’ then increasingly curious behavior as a drug problem was far more acceptable in America than admitting to suffering from a mental health disorder. […]

In this exclusive clip from the new military movie “Stop-Loss,” opening March 28, Iraqi war hero, Sgt. Brandon King, played by Ryan Phillippe, comes back home after his tour of duty to a townwide celebration in his honor. Watch the […]

Their music is ancient, their lifestyle medieval, but a group of Cistercian monks from Holy Cross Monastery near Vienna secured a recording contract with Universal Music using the latest craze on the Internet: YouTube. Their video audition came in response […]

Eckhart Tolle may be Oprah’s new spiritual guru of choice–inspired by his long time bestselling self-help favorite The Power of Now, but this weekend in the article “The Wisdom of the Ages, For Now Anyway,” New York Times reporter Jesse […]