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eboo-patel-book_final.jpgHere in Virginia where I reside, this week is spring break. And although that means vacation for the kiddies and teens and more work for stay-at-home-but-also-working moms like me, I have decided to read one thought-provoking book like I used to in the bygone days when spring break meant, well, a break.
(Yes, spring break is a time to goof off, but I like to read something enriching to offset all the other mindless things I do.)
Here is my book choice for this year’s spring break: Eboo Patel’s autobiography, “Acts of Faith,” which was recently reviewed by Paul Raushenbush for Beliefnet. Patel is the founder of the Interfaith Youth Core, an organization dedicated to introducing youth of various faith to each other in a safe, productive setting. According to Raushenbush’s review, Patel is on a mission to prove how people of different faiths can live side by side, and why the people and institutions we surround ourselves with are instrumental in teaching us tolerance or extremism.
One line from Raushenbush’s review really struck me: “In speaking about Osama Bin Laden, Patel makes the particularly salient point that [Osama] Bin Laden is, if nothing else, a brilliant youth organizer.” This should be an interesting read.
Are you a reader? What are you reading over spring break?

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