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jamielynnspearspic.jpgWith big sis Britney seeming somewhat stable for the moment, I guess it’s time for the other Spears sibling to make some headlines— just in case the tabloids can’t find another celeb family to fill their pages. There were gossip reports everywhere yesterday afternoon as pictures surfaced of Jamie Lynn flashing a ring, along with news that her baby’s daddy, Casey Aldridge, had a relative spill the beans to a magazine that the pair is engaged.

Though the rumors are that the parents are very much against the wedding, I must admit there is a part of me that is beginning to root for this 16-year-old, real-life “Juno.” She has taken her GED so she will have completed her schooling. She has left Los Angeles for now to go back home to Louisiana in an attempt to stay out of the limelight as much as possible. She hasn’t shaved her head or flashed any body parts to the paparazzi. And now she wants to try to make her relationship with the baby’s father work.
Marriage may or may not be the best decision for someone so young, but I am pretty sure there are far worse decisions that she could have made than at least attempting to build a family unit away from Hollywood. Maybe mom Lynne, who is supposed to be publishing a memoir in the future on raising two famous kids, hasn’t done such a bad job after all.

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