Heart of the Soul

When the sun is shining, do you go out and soak it up? Or do you think about the drought and wish for rain? 

When the birds are singing, do you open the windows and enjoy their songs? Or do you close the windows and gripe about the noise? 

When your kids are laughing, do you join in with them and act silly and goofy? Or do you ask them to be quiet and take their laughter somewhere else? 

When your spouse says they miss you, do you clear your schedule and hug them and let them know that you miss them, too? Or do you say that you’re sorry that you’re busy but you just don’t think you can spare the time because you’re on a deadline? 

When you receive a beautiful message from the universe, do you embrace it and act on it? Or do you ignore it and say that you aren’t ready or you are too afraid? 

When your favorite song comes on the radio, do you stop what you’re doing to sing and dance? Or do you not even hear it because you’re so wrapped up in your thoughts? 

When you accomplish a goal that you’ve long been striving for, do you take time to celebrate and acknowledge this job well done? Or do you immediately move onto the next goal?

Out of all of these scenarios, neither choice is right and neither choice is wrong. But each choice leads us down a certain path. And when we continue choosing one way or another, we’ll find that the choices begin to look alike.

If we consistently choose the first option in the examples above, our lives will most likely be joyful and filled with gratitude and expansiveness.

If we consistently choose the second option in the examples above, our lives will most likely feel grayer and more constricted – less full of life and possibility.

We all are faced with so many little choices each day. And how we react to each situation that we experience creates our life. 

We each get to decide which path we’ll choose. Which option to choose. 

And those that we choose consistently become our existence.

I think that’s pretty wonderful that we have so much power and control over our life. We can’t control what comes into our life, but we can control our reaction to it – our mindset about it. And I love that.

It is possible to consistently choose the first option in the examples above. And it is possible to be happy and filled with joy and gratitude. 

The choice is ours. It always has been.

Does that mean that our life is perfect? No.

Does that mean that everything always falls into place and nothing bad ever happens? No.

Does that mean that we will immediately embrace each new experience and see it as a blessing? No.

But it does mean that when we shift our mindset to one of expansion, love, and possibility, over time we begin to see our world differently. We begin to focus on the positive and on the good. We begin to see love all around us.

It doesn’t mean that we never are in a bad mood or we never feel down. It just means that our overall focus is on love and possibility and gratitude.

That’s all. Sometimes the most powerful shifts are the simplest ones. Sometimes it’s just one single choice made over and over again that determines our life and our happiness.

So as you’re going through your day and you’re faced with a choice, I invite you to choose love and possibility. I invite you to just try it and see how your life changes because of it.

I have a feeling it will be pretty amazing.




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Jodi Chapman is a bestselling author, an award-winning blogger, and a soulful community builder. She lives her life with love and faith in the driver’s seat, and she hopes to leave a trail of inspiration wherever she goes. She believes that we each have the ability to hear our soul’s whisper and create our best lives. She would love to connect with you!

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