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When I woke up this morning, I looked out my window and saw nothing but blue sky. Where I live in the Pacific Northwest, this is definitely a special occasion for this time of year. I told myself that it was a perfect day to go outside and soak up the warmth – to feel the sun on my face. To sit, relax, and listen to the birds sing on this spring-like morning.

And then I got busy. I checked my email. And started answering them. And then I got onto Facebook. And started responding to messages. And before I knew it, hours had gone by.

While I did get distracted, I hadn’t completely lost sight of my plan to spend time in the sun. So I grabbed my sunglasses, opened the patio door, stepped outside and sadly realized that the sun was no longer out. In the short time that I was on the computer, the weather had completely changed. The clouds had rolled in, and it was too cold to sit outside now.

I came inside to check the weather report thinking that the clouds would soon pass, and I could still enjoy the sun. But the 10-day forecast calls for clouds every day mixed with rain and snow. Winter-like conditions. My heart sank when I realized that I had missed my chance to soak up the sun for at least 10 days.

And while I realize that this isn’t a huge deal in the grand scheme of life, I couldn’t help but wonder in what other ways was I getting distracted and missing out on the metaphorical sun? By that I mean, in what other areas of my life was I pushing back doing what I really wanted to do simply because I got caught up in something else – something that perhaps seemed necessary at the time but didn’t actually feed my soul?

I couldn’t help but think that this incident was a metaphor for my entire life somehow. I started to think about what being in the sun meant to me – what it represented for me. I realized that it is a form of self care, of stillness, of slowing down, and of listening to my soul. Being in the sun makes me feel light and joyful.

Being in the sun – literally or figuratively – helps me feel connected with the divine and with my inner self.

And it’s become a habit to push this connection aside – to almost treat it as though it’s frivolous and not nearly as important as my connection to the emails and the to-do list.

While it’s true that I missed my chance to be in the sun today, I realized that I could take what the sun represented to me and welcome those aspects of it into my heart – regardless of what the sky looked like. I could still take time to connect with my inner voice and with my spiritual connection. I could still make space for stillness, reflection, and joyfulness.

Knowing this made me feel so much better. It meant that I hadn’t necessarily missed out. Yes, it’s true that I most likely won’t be spending much time outside for the next week or so, but I now know that it’s not too late to invite the figurative sun into my heart and honor my connection with the universe. And that feels pretty wonderful.

I definitely invite you to welcome the sun into your life as well, regardless of what the weather is like for you.




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