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calm copyI recently bought a pair of headphones – big, foamy headphones that are designed to tune out noise. I bought them because, as a writer, silence is something that I long for. Silence is what I absolutely need to be able to tap into my soul’s whispers and access my inner wisdom. Silence feeds me in such a huge way, and with always loving but still demanding (and loud) cats, silence is not always something that I often get.

The headphones have changed my life. I’m now able to tune out all of the noisy distractions that are going on around me. I turn on a recording of the soothing sound of rain, and I can write for hours undisturbed. I have them on right now, and it’s absolutely wonderful.

Because the headphones seemed like such an easy fix for reducing the external noise in my life, I started to wonder if there was a way a figurative pair of headphones could reduce the internal noise that I so often encounter. 

It’s the noise that we all have going on constantly inside our minds: the to-do lists that never end, the inner critic that seems to take over at will, other people’s voices that never belonged there but somehow stay, the random thoughts that are constantly popping up, etc. That noise.

I decided to try to tune out these audibly silent but still disburbing distractions. And so I closed my eyes and visualized myself wearing my big, noise-reducing headphones. I imagined that they were a special pair of headphones – ones that came with the ability to suck the distracting thoughts out of my mind and leave it with silence – empty space. And not in a bad way or a disturbing way, but in a peaceful, loving way.

I took a few deep breaths and imagined them going to work and pulling out the long list of tasks that I always seemed to mentally be going over. I imagined them sucking out all of the inner dialog that wasn’t helpful or loving. I imagined them pulling out any thought at all until I was left with silence – open space to hear my soul’s whispers. No more endless chatter that stood in the way of it.

And then, I imagined that I kept my eyes closed and began to write – to take dictation. To really feel what needed to come through me and move onto the page. I imagined that instead of feeling distracted by what I was going to write, I could simply imagine myself writing. I imagined myself simply tuning out any mental noise that wasn’t coming from my soul. I imagined myself simply being willing to move into this space of silence and see it for the gift that it truly was.

This experience was magical. And it’s something that I highly recommend you try as well. We all have the ability to tune out anything that isn’t filling us up, anything that is distracting us from hearing our soul. 

And this simple visualization has helped me tune out both the internal and the external noises in a loving way. I hope it helps you, too.




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Jodi Chapman is a bestselling author, an award-winning blogger, and a soulful community builder. She lives her life with love and faith in the driver’s seat, and she hopes to leave a trail of inspiration wherever she goes. She believes that we each have the ability to hear our soul’s whisper and create our best lives. She would love to connect with you!

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