God's Comic

God's Comic

A New Year Rhyme

posted by Brad Stine

Twas the first week of the New Year and all through the house there were ruined new toys and a returnable blouse. The kids back to school with a long heavy sigh and momma and me without guilt said goodbye.

The take down of nativities and tinsel and trees and the sweeping and dusting while crawling on sore knees. No more songs of the Yule could be heard through the air, and quite frankly at this point I just didn’t care.
I have to remove the outside lights from the gutters, and being a Christian I can’t repeat what I muttered. The wife needs my help for the storage put away, all the decorations I got out a month ago (but seems like a day).

Tis already darker on our street as all the lights grow much dimmer, as the cold creeps through and our anger doth simmer. This holiday of ours though festive and bright, can never be complete without tension and fights.

There are trips to the dump to throw cardboard in, cause apparently not recycling has a become a new sin. January is here which is never that great, since it’s cold and crappy and nothing to celebrate.

Did I mention kids growing older and my youngest did bake, cookies for Santa, she says she believes (but it’s fake.) My daughter though eleven is becoming a young lady; she got her first bra and now daddy’s gone crazy.

My son just fourteen about his grooming finally cares, and getting new clothes is no longer that rare. As each old year passes and a new one breaks through, I wonder of next Christmas and what we’ll go through.
What will happen with boyfriends and girlfriends and driving of cars, and heartaches and heartbreaks and breakups and scars?

While momma and me grow older it’s true, the new years come quicker and the birthdays do too.
Yet while they’re still home parents and kids will recall, all the wonderful memories that were had by us all. Though it’s a pain in the neck to put this stuff away, I wouldn’t trade it at all for one single day.

Yes it’s a new year and I can say with a smile, what God has in store will be worth all the trial’s. So go forth with hope and work through the tears, I can honestly say thank God for new years.

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