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this time of year we always comment that another year has come and gone. But
has it really? I mean we have arbitrarily created the calendar year based on
the earth’s rotation around the sun or something to that effect. But just
because it does rotate consistently doesn’t mean we had to choose that as our
system of years. Haley’s comet comes around once every 75 yrs or so. What if we
decided that every time Haley’s came by it was a year? Think how much younger
we all would suddenly be. The Bible say’s that to the Creator one year is like
a thousand and a thousand is one year. So you could at 30, for example,
theoretically be turning 30 seconds old or 30,000 years old based on your
measuring system.

course there was the tried and true hourglass that apparently took an hour to
finish but only ran when you decided to turn it thus making a day much shorter
if you chose. I think sundials were one of the first timekeepers but were
pretty much only reliable in the Sahara. If you lived in Seattle and didn’t
want to be late for work back in the sundial days you were better off setting
up a cot at your work station and get up when you heard any commotion.

created the idea of time (since it is only an idea, being eternal there really is no 7:30 or whatever, but I
digress) and gave us a way to measure it based on darkness and light. He had to
separate the two so we could tell them apart otherwise everyone would think they lived in Seattle as I already mentioned.
We talk about time like it is alive. It is a good time to start a new resolution. It’s about time I turned over a new leaf. There is no time like the present. Actually all there is when it comes to time
is the present. Each moment you exist is all you can rely on since none of us
can control our existence and none but God decide when time is up.

one thing you are expected to control is your attitude during the moments of
existence. We are not supposed to grow as Christians to show God how holy we
are getting. Instead we are to practice such an unusual lifestyle of
gratefulness, love and compassion for others irrespective of our own condition
that we drive fellow humans to desire a life like ours. Do people watch your
life and say “I want what he has?”

is why I imagine God says without faith it is impossible to please Him. Faith
relies on what we believe God to be based on His Holy Book. We live for
substance we hope to grasp one day, we commit to evidence even when we don’t
see it. This is the life of the believer that we all not only should strive for
but are expected to. In time we’ll get there, just stay clear of Seattle.

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