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God's Comic

They call me ..MR. Stine

My name is Brad Stine. To my friends I am simply
referred to as brad. Anyone else can refer to me as sir, your majesty, your eminence,
or any number of titles befitting my exalted position as professional laugh
master and future has-been.

In reality I don’t care what an adult refers to
me as, BUT I do have a problem with what kids call me. To anyone younger than
me and hasn’t been given different instructions shut up and listen close. My
name is and always will be Mr. Stine.

Are you listening all you politically correct,
oversensitive, let’s lower ourselves to the kids level, pampering, naïve dorks?


I had a kid refer to me as Mr. Brad the other
day. Mr. Brad? What former hippie inspired neo-cultural reference is that, and
who thinks it’s appropriate. We have kids bringing guns to school to wipe out
there classmates and there are adults that believe expecting kids to respect
their last name is too oppressive?

Only in this new age of PC crap-ola would this
pass by unnoticed. I grew up with Captain Kangaroo. That’s right Captain…”KANGAROO”
not Captain “Tim”.  I grew up with
Mr. ROGERS not Mr. FRED. Making ourselves too familiar and accessible to kids
is only going to bring us down to their level not raise them up to ours.


have to earn the right to be
considered adults. This isn’t helped when the icons they grew up with didn’t
consider themselves unique or, more disturbing, didn’t want to be considered more MATURE!

 They grew up with Barney. Not Mr. Dinosaur, or Captain Carnivore…
just good old reliable don’t expect any adult perimeters from ya barney. “Duh,…
look kids I’m just as dumb as you are! Do de do de do!” Blues clues refer to
their host as ” Steve” and later ” Joe”. Where’s the respect? Where’s the
subjugating yourself to a superior?


Grandpa used to be a term of endearment. An
acknowledgement of a life lived and experience gained. Now it’s a derogatory
term meaning ” old and useless”. ” Get outta my way Grandpa, I just got my
drivers license and I can’t wait to abuse it!”


We keep this up and the next thing you know
teachers are going to start dating the kids after they finish their homework…oh
wait, that’s already happening. How many new cases each day do we hear of a
teacher having sexual relations with her student? It couldn’t have anything to
do with the 24-year-old intern referring to herself as Miss Bambi to the 17
year old boys she teaches could it?


Kids need to be taught respect of their elders
not another way to diminish the line between adulthood and adolescence. There
has to be a specific delineation that constantly reminds the young ones that we
as adults are still smarter, more experienced, and better than they are.

If you are a parent and don’t have your kids
refer to you as mom Nancy or dad Bob why would you let them speak to other
adults like that? I know I know, some of you may think I’m being a little hard
on you and the truth is…I am. That’s what I do. Someone has got to teach the
country how to get back to sanity. I do it because it’s my calling and my life
purpose. Oh yeah, and cause they pay me.


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posted August 16, 2010 at 8:34 am

You’d make a good drill instructor.

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posted August 16, 2010 at 8:57 am

Dear Mr. Brad,
Ik couldn’t agree more! We desperately need a lot more respect for our elderly people!
Our kids never were allowed to call us by our first name and now everybody is complimenting us how good our kids behave towards other people. And yes they’ve grown up now, so they’re adults themselves. And no, we’re not that old, we are young parents :)
This has nothing to do with ‘drill instructor’, just normal respect for someone that is older than you and has accomplished more in life than you and you might be able learn something from. You just should have respect for others all the time.
We always ask people we meet if it’s OK to be on a first-name-basis, otherwise we always say Mr. and show respect!

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Jonathan Chang

posted August 16, 2010 at 10:06 am

I think something that would help young kids respect adults is to have school uniforms. Seriously, there’s something about school uniforms that helps kids stay calm.
P.S. Ironically the word that I have to type in for this comment to post is “Beaten Prepper.” So maybe school uniforms aren’t the answers, I don’t know.

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posted August 16, 2010 at 1:52 pm

Your Eminence, Mr. Stine, Sir,
(I only address you this way as I hope you’re my elder and I’ve got a few good years left in me before I become a grandpa!)
I love the point you make saying that it “is only going to bring us down to their level not raise them up to ours.”
That is spot on!!
Love your perspective of life!

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Sharon Barnes

posted August 16, 2010 at 9:43 pm

Dear Mr. Stine,
I am 60 years old. In my day, not only was I not allowed to call adults by their first name, I couldn’t even ride across their yard on my bicycle. Kids are not taught to respect others. When did this stop?

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Jennifer Barnes

posted August 16, 2010 at 9:47 pm

Dear Mr. Stine,
I remember once when I was in 5th grade, one guy in my class tried calling our teacher by her first name…he only tried once! I totally agree that kids are not taught to respect not only their elders, but those in authority. We definitely need to get back to teaching our kids the basics and that the universe does not revolve around them.

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posted August 17, 2010 at 9:26 pm

Jeas-a-lue! what side of the bed did you wake up this morning?

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posted September 7, 2010 at 6:03 pm

I am a lot older than you and like to call you Brad. I hope that’s okay. :)
Very good piece! Have a great day.

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posted September 14, 2010 at 11:46 pm

When my kids were little, we taught them to call adults by their title and last name. M&M had no problems with this, it was the adults we had trouble with. “oh, she can call me Chris” No, she can’t, I am the mom, I gave birth to her, I get to run her life until she is old enough to make smart choices (when does that start by the way?). Close friends and adult cousins were called aunt/uncle courtesy the same way we called Cousin Bill, Uncle Bill. When they got to school, half the staff was Mr./Mrs. the other half was first names – only half the staff got respect?? what is up with that?

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posted September 24, 2010 at 4:44 pm

I don’t care how children address me. I care if they do what I tell them.

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