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 So this past Saturday I attended the Glenn Beck
912 rally to restore honor to America. It is a noble cause and emphasizes the
restoration of original Judeo/Christian values to our culture via its citizens
with the hope of rubbing off on our elected officials who somehow disregard the
notion that they represent our voice
and instead believe their purpose is to decide for us what we believe. It had a
historic vibe about it because it was the same day and location that Dr. martin
Luther King gave his famous “I have a dream ” speech.

Funny thing about epic events I discovered, they
look and feel better on TV than in person. The first thing that came to mind was
everything was in color. The original MLK “I have a dream” speech footage was
in black and white which for some reason not only gives it more authenticity as
a historic event, but made it not seem as hot! Here it was late Aug in DC at
noon and these people were in suits or crying out loud and nobody was sweating,
meanwhile people at Becks were selling their bottled water for black-market
prices and we were gobbling it up like heroin addicts!

The good news is it was peaceful and optimistic
and fun to be a part of. Of course there were those who joined the event simply
to antagonize the rest of us because that is what liberal thought in America is
now, shove their belief down your throat and censor dissent from the right as
dangerous. Face it nothing is more divisive than God and country. Just ask the
founding fathers!

Even though we have the writings of our founders
that to a man (yes, that includes Jefferson and Franklin)  they believed in divine providence to
secure our victory over tyranny and the Judeo/Christian God and His revelation
to guide us, the only way that can be interpreted by the revisionist
constitutional “scholars” is that they were deists.

Of course a deist is someone that believes in
God but also believes He stays out of human affairs and leaves us to ourselves.
Kind of counterintuitive to the many prayers offered up thanking God for His
providence and asking Him to keep us grateful and seeking His wisdom, but then
again when you begin to confuse secular/humanists with facts it makes them more
aggressive to maintain their “faith” that our “faith” is anti-intellectual.

There was a black student from Howard that was
interviewing whites asking them if they felt it was insulting to him as an
African/American for Beck to hijack Martin Luther Kings “dream” speech since it
was 47 years from the day he spoke it. This was ironic to me since the
implication there of course is the “dream speech” was for black Americans
which, had you asked King I’m sure he would have responded it was for America
as a whole, thus revealing an underlying racism (I.E. King only cared about
black’s) in the implication of the Howard students inquiry. That made me sad.

There were a couple signs stating ” I am brown
and born in this country, why do you hate me?” another implicating Beck as a
terrorist. Now remember these were 3 signs in a sea of over 200,000 people so
it is obvious they were looking for conflict not resolution or even dialogue.
Yet even with those who were there with an agenda and a desire to disrupt it
was a beautiful example of free speech in America in real time.

There was one guy from Long Island that
recognized me and asked if he could get a picture of us both but other than
that I pretty much blended in with all the other Americans of every age color
and creed. It was great to be with my own tribe and to see what I have been
saying as a comic for the past 8 years played out on a big stage. Yes it was
hot and hard to find a good place to see, but it was a moment I will not soon
forget, I can only pray America won’t either.

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