Chad Hovind is Senior Pastor of Horizon Community Church in Cincinnati, Ohio. He graduated from Moody Bible College in Chicago, majoring in pastoral ministry and communication. His love for ministry and creativity can be seen in many forms: leading teams, expository teaching, acting, and video production. He has served as pastor at two high-impact churches in Georgia: Cumberland Community Church and New Community Church. Chad received an M.A. in Ministry from Moody Graduate School in 2008. He loves volleyball, movies, and hanging out with his wife Beth and their three children.

THE DEMISE OF DETROIT        My wife grew up under the great political promises of prosperity from Michigan leaders.  We spent our wedding night in Detroit almost twenty years ago before flying out on our honeymoon. The city […]

  An article on the Blaze reported that “Prominent GOP leaders have praised Ayn Rand’s philosophy and beliefs. But Rand made it clear that you can’t follow her and Christ. The GOP budget, authored by Rand acolyte Paul Ryan, is […]

Loss of Life Gives us an Invitation to Engage. The second way Jesus was in a World of Pain was not in Egypt, but in Bethlehem.  There is a blood bath going on this Christmas.    All the children under the […]

There is an insidious tool that our world uses to keep us from becoming a disciple of Christ.     It creates the illusion of progress and commitment without actually making progress.  It creates a sense of “energy and accomplishment” without having […]

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I read an interesting article in the Wall Street Journal. This article was written by a Rabbi affirming the Old Testament’s support of Free Market Capitalism. Here’s a paragraph: More than any other nation, the United States was founded […]

Everyone heard about Snuffoluffagus, but no one ever saw him.  He reminds me of the debt ceiling.  You hear about the limit to Washington DC’s spending but we never actually see the ceiling.   Every time we get near it […]

Reasons this Syrian War might not be just include. 1. You might be in an unjust war if the people you support shoot POW’s in the back of the head. 2. You might be in an unjust war if the […]

As Republicans like John Boehner and Democrats like John Kerry agree argue the moral case for war, let’s look at when God says it is okay to go to war from Deut 20 and look at the principles for today. […]

The President and Secretary of State tell  us we need to go to war because a country in the Middle East has Weapons of Mass Destruction.  The irony is not lost on most of us.  Before we rush into another […]