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IMG_4280_2.JPGMy puppy-niece Jane (is she not the cutest?!) is having her “lady surgery” today–at 6 months old, she’s being spayed.  There is no question that this is the right thing to do to protect her from cancer as well as from future puppy generations that my sister would not want to or be able to house and care for. 

Zillions of dogs go through this surgery every year, as they should.  But still, I’m restless this morning because I’m just a little worried about Jane.  She’s so tiny.  She’s so happy.  She has no idea what’s about to happen.  Poor widdle thing.

Ok, calm down, it’s all good, and Jane will be fine.  Possibly I’m projecting how I might feel if such a procedure were sprung on me.  Or possibly I look at that photo and imagine a thought bubble saying, “Wait, WHAT’s going on?!” 

This is all my way of saying that I’ve spent a good deal of this morning clicking around Beliefnet’s wonderful collections of uplifting dog galleries–from how to keep your dog healthy to life lessons from dogs to pet prayers and blessings

But my favorite is this gallery of inspiring quotes about dogs, which includes these beautiful words:

“Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole.” –Roger Caras

“My little dog–a heartbeat at my feet.”  –Edith Wharton

“To err is human, to forgive canine.”  –Unknown

So Godspeed to Jane on her big day, and may she be back on her tiny feet again soon soon soon, chomping happily on her Tootsie Pop-shaped squeak toy.  Please share your doggie procedure stories–and pet-worry-survival-tips–in the combox! 

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