10 Life Lessons My Dog Taught Me


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How to Live a Dog's Life

Scout the Border Collie

By Joanne Brokaw

In today's hectic, economically unstable, electronically plugged-in culture, few of us live a dog's life, but maybe we'd be happier if we took a few life lessons from our faithful canine companions.

For more than two years, I've been observing Scout (pictured above), my 3-year-old Border collie, as he went from fearful puppy to confident (albeit quirky) dog. Dogs offer humans loyalty and companionship, and all they ask for in return is shelter, food, and love. It's not a complicated existence, but it is enviable for simplicity and peacefulness.

Here are 10 lessons I've learned about life from my dog.

Joanne Brokaw is an award-winning freelance writer and the blogger of Gospel Soundcheck for Beliefnet. She lives in western New York with her husband, their Border collie, and their cat.

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