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bmpink.gifRecently an article in New York magazine showed a room in a delicious shade of pink identified as “Baker-Millier pink.” A little Googling showed that this color–a sort of Pepto hue approximately the shade of the box at left–is also known as “drunk tank pink” and is often used in prisons to calm angry captives. Some studies have shown that it calms heart-rate, making it difficult to get very upset in its presence. Legend, true or not, has it that some football stadiums were painting the visiting teams’ locker rooms this pink in the hope that it would work like color kryptonite. It also may be an appetite suppressant and all-around stress-reliever.

I’m seriously considering painting some blank canvases with this color and hanging them in my already pink-duveted bedroom to do my own chill-out experimenting.

Have you ever tried out this kind of mood-manipulation with color?

Holly’s been putting together some great stuff on color and mood lately:

How Color Can Change Your Life 

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And here’s info on some of the studies on Baker-Miller pink.




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