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Hi all. I just arrived in Boulder, Colorado for this year’s LOHAS conference. If you’re like LO-what?, it stands for Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability, and it’s the name of an organization and an entire demographic. Basically it covers green and natural business, socially conscious companies and products and every product or service related to yoga, meditation, and self-help. It’s the marketing term for the holistic lifestyle and the often “spiritual-but-bot-religious” people who live it. At Beliefnet we tend to call the people in that group (of which I am a proud “member”) Lohasians.

It’s my third year at the conference and so I’ve got some writings I’ve done before below if you want to know more. This week I’ll be letting you in on the latest in green, organic, natural, and holistic living. Stay tuned.

Are you LOHASian? How do you keep it natural and green?

The Lohasian Evolution

Are You Lohasian?

The LOHAS List

Hot, Green & Serene Products From LOHAS

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