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squire_wink.jpgThis morning Good Morning America featured Beliefnet’s newest contributor, SQuire Rushnell, the author most recently of “When God Winks on New Beginnings,” and a former ABC exec. He talks about how coincidences are gifts in our lives we need to soak in. Those goosebump moments when you say, “What are the odds?”

He says it’s like when a relative fondly winks at you as a kid–you don’t ask why, because you know it means “I’m thinking of you, kid.” And you get this warm rush of connection and recognition. 

He’s great in today’s GMA clip about God Winks. And you can see a fresh God Winks video from SQuire every Monday and Wednesday on Non-goopy, genuinely heartwarming, inspiring stuff.

Here are some videos to get you started:

What is a God Wink?

A God Wink and Diane Lane

And here’s a non-video story about what a God Wink is.

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