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Deserving is part of the cycle of life, and of the cycle of creation.

Choosing happiness is the greatest way of indicating to the Divine your choice, your acceptance that you deserve not only to be happy, but to be lavishly happy, not only to feel joy, but to be full of joy.

A deserving visualization.

Close your eyes and begin to slow down your breath.

Breathe in the golden green light of the Divine, letting it fill your body. Breathe out and release all that which no longer serves your physical needs.

Breathe in the golden blue light of Higher Thought, filling your entire space. As you breathe out you release all thoughts and patterns of thought that no longer serve you.

Breathe in the golden pink light of Unconditional Love. Let it fill all your spaces and all the spaces in between. As you breathe out every form of condition attached to the world, the experience of Love is released. It is fully a part of your self, your life.

Allow yourself to be in a beautiful garden filled with an abundance of flowers and living forms in all colours, in fragrances that soothe and bring you and your vision to a greater sense of inner peace.

As you sit in the garden, feeling the peace, become aware of little cool droplets falling into the palms of your hands, into your lap.

Let yourself enjoy the refreshing moment.

Fell the strain and stress in your shoulders begin to ease away. Relax your forehead, your throat, your eyes, and your ears.


As you relax, become aware that the cool droplets are droplets of clear, golden light.

They represent the lovingness of the Divine who created you.

They are abundance at all levels.

They are your ability to receive.

Say, “This is magic. I deserve the joyous life I would choose from the point of happiness.”

“I deserve a life of abundant goodness and love that God showers me with.”

Notice that the golden light falls gently, peacefully and abundantly onto your shoulders. It sticks in your hair. It fills up your lap.

“I deserve all of life’s goodness, for I am loved. I am good to myself. I deserve all of love’s goodness no matter how I judge myself.”

The golden shower embraces you with its radiant light.

“I deserve peace. I deserve success according to my definition.”

“I deserve abundance. I deserve friendship.”

“I deserve compassion and healing. I deserve contentment.”

“I deserve to receive and know Divine love for no other reason that because I exist.”

Give yourself a moment to add your own wish.

Then with an expression of gratitude in your heart, allow yourself to come gently, peacefully out of your meditation. Open your eyes.


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