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5 Step Plan Dealing With Depression

When it comes to dealing with depression, I like easy. Easy is good. Easy is simple. Here’s a 5 step plan for dealing with depression

1) Identify the Cause

Look at how you got to where you are right now. What was the cause? Causes can be tricky. You might pick the first idea that comes to your mind, then realize its not the real cause.

For instance, you were bullied. That’s a cause for depression. But examine why you were bullied deeper and you’ll come across more causes. Maybe you’re lgbt, a nerd, physically more developed, different ethnicity – you get the idea. There can be more than one cause, so list them all.

2) Review Self Talk

We all self talk. It’s what motivates you or reinforces your negative thoughts. You need to know what you’re telling yourself. You listen all day to everyone else, but you don’t listen to what you’re telling yourself.

Write down everything you can think of that you say to yourself. Don’t edit. Don’t wonder about it. Write. Pour it all out. When you’re done, put a “♥” or a  check beside each one that’s a positive and a “x” beside each one that’s a negative. When its all done, separate them either into columns or put them on two different pages.

3) Make a Rescue Plan

Once you’ve got the positives and negatives identified, its time to make a rescue plan. Yes, a rescue plan. You need help. So how will you save yourself?

You’ve identified the causes. Can you eliminate or get past it? What can you do, and what aren’t you willing to do? Are there people or groups you can contact and use as support? How much of your negative self talk is based on real facts?

Use what you’ve learned about yourself to make a general rescue plan. Write down your rescue plan. Put in as much detail as you can. Share it with those you want involved or who are close to you.

4) Focus and Commitment

Once you’ve designed your rescue plan, you need to commit to the plan you’ve designed. Set aside a certain amount of time each day to work on your plan. Call it self-care. Working on self-care each day will form it into a habit. Ask for help as needed or required. Don’t be ashamed, embarrassed, or afraid.

5) Look for Inspiration

Look for inspiration from others that have overcome depression or are dealing with depression. This can be in the form of books, seminars, courses or even a person from your local community that you may be able to contact to get some tips or advice.


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