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It’s All About Effort

It’s easy to pop a pill and think that’s the fix you need for depression. But depression takes more effort than that.  In fact, it’s all about effort. You have to change your way of thinking. This is extremely difficult to accomplish and can take years of work. Even then, when you believe you’re cured and okay, relapses and other life situations can happen that make you feel the bad old way.

The more positive thoughts you bring forth, the better. The more you see your problems and depression as an opportunity for growth, the better. The more you eat healthily, exercise, and follow your passions, the better.  It’s not easy, and when you’re in the deep pit of despair, it seems impossible. Don’t give up. Change starts within you, not from something outside of yourself.

You’re Not Abnormal

Being depressed doesn’t mean you’re abnormal. Many of us are forced into lives we do not want to live. We work long hours at a job we don’t like so we can have food to eat and a shelter. Our passions, joy, and heart desires are put aside. We are encouraged to become  normal, to fit into society. Yet genius is celebrated if it brings something productive. If you think about it, depression does bring something productive to you. The illumination about life, the soul, and the universe you get from  living through the darkness of depression is genius, but it isn’t celebrated as genius. In fact, you’re called abnormal, crazy, or mental for being depressed and then for talking about your shift in consciousness.

The idea of success is heavily marketed to us. It’s an ideal many people aren’t able to achieve. As a result, they feel worthless or useless. The same thing goes for education, looks, and so on. It’s like we have a defined set criteria of what it means to be successful or to have done well.

True success, I believe, is measured by how you see yourself. You have to see the reality of your life and judge yourself accordingly. If you feel happy, love yourself, or take pride in the job you do, then how can you say you’re not successful? You are successful because you are doing something that brings joy and balance to your life. You have this life to live.

Many so called successful people are unhappy. Why? They keep judging themselves against other people’s success, looks, or happiness. This is why it’s important to love yourself, to follow your heart and your passions.

Depression is very judgemental. It takes effort and time to change your thinking, to start believing you have value. You don’t have to follow the herd and be what they think means success. You’re successful just by surviving depression, or by fighting depression daily.

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