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Sr. Mary Ann Walsh, from the USCCB, just sent around this e-mail, which I post here. It’s a response to recent media inquiries about the Senate version of the health care reform bill: The Senate Health Care Reform bill clearly […]

Well, yes, he has a point: With the Olympic games closing this Sunday evening, how about a well-deserved tip of the hat to all of the Olympic officials because, after all, they are the souls which time men’s tries. Kindly […]

Does kibble count? I have no idea where this originated — a friend posted it on his Facebook page today — but it’s the perfect antidote for a blizzardy Friday. Enjoy.

It happened the other night, when Joannie Rochette stepped onto the ice just four days after her mother’s death, and uplifted the hearts of the world: At the end of her medal-winning skate, Joannie Rochette threw back her head and […]

“God can also meet you at any time, no matter how confused your life may seem. You do not have to have a perfectly organized daily life to experience God. Your spiritual house does not need to be tidy for […]

An interesting wrinkle in the ongoing debate over abortion in Spain: If King Juan Carlos of Spain signs a new law easing restrictions on abortion, as he is constitutionally required, the country’s bishops will not take action against him, the […]

Here in New York, we’re embarking on an ambitious pro-life Lenten campaign, “40 Days for Life,” spearheaded by the innovative group Expectant Mother Care. Not long ago, the group paid a visit to “Abortion Row,” in Queens, where you can […]

This Canadian writer , in a secular paper, argues that they get more out of it than some people may think: Years ago I asked a close friend why she dragged her children to Mass every Sunday. Children in church […]

Forest Hills, New York. 10 a.m.  Another.  Really.  Big.  Storm.  Read all about it.

Some people seem to think so. A writer for the Wall Street Journal dropped by an interfaith gathering in Washington featuring Evensong and Benediction, using Anglican prayers and presided over by a Catholic priest: One former Episcopalian present confessed to […]