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A bill awaiting the governor’s signature could go further than any other in the country. Details: Last May in a small town in eastern Utah, a 17-year-old girl, seven months pregnant, paid a man she had just met $150 to …Read More

What’s it like to be a priest in the remote reaches of Alaska? Meet one of them: a man whose commute from parish to parish involves something uplifting — air travel: Father William Hanrahan was ordained a priest at the …Read More

Anawim in Florida?  Who knew?! H/T to the indispensable Bill Ditewig: deacon with a sharp eye!  (And a handy cell phone…)

That’s the title of a stem-winder of a rant that is must reading for anyone involved in parish life. It was prompted by this post, wherein the blogger notes a sad state of affairs: Lately I’ve taken to reading the …Read More

Just in time for Lent, an unusual and dramatic exhibit of religious art has just opened at Washington’s National Gallery, and the Washington Post offers an assessment that, among other things, describes the lengths to which some artists will go …Read More

Will it have an impact? Well, it’s already getting people talking: Georgia Right to Life recently sponsored a provocative billboard campaign that says black children are an “endangered species.” The campaign, unique to Georgia, combines the contentious race and abortion …Read More

I have a rare weekend off from preaching; they’re showing a video for the Bishop’s Annual Catholic Appeal at all the masses, so that will eat up the homily time. So I don’t have a homily to post today.  But …Read More

“Even the best of all possible translations of the new Missal will not suit every individual’s preference. No translation will be perfect. Proponents of the new text sometimes argue, perhaps unfairly, that the texts currently in use in our liturgy …Read More

“There’s a standard of torture in civil law, which is severe mental pain and suffering. I also have a common-sense definition, which is, ‘If you’re willing to try it, it’s not torture.’” — Former Bush speechwriter (and Catholic) Marc Thiessen, …Read More

Deacon Jim Hynes Friend, Classmate, BrotherJuly 31, 1958 – February 26, 2008 “Do not let your hearts be troubled. You have faith in God; have faith also in me. In my Father’s house there are many dwelling places. If there …Read More